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Book translation is a type of translation that is full of art, translators, in addition to their professional and linguistic abilities, also require high professionalism, experience, and skills to capture the author's soul. convey the content of the book so that it matches the author's intention to bring to the readers.


Book translation requires a lot of effort, time and effort to bring readers a translation according to the author's principles. Yet over time IDICHTHUAT has translated hundreds of books for domestic and international customers to use in training, business, investment, scientific inquiry, psychology, etc. IDICHTHUAT has kept full faith with customers in translating books with high quality, reasonable prices, professional and enthusiastic service.

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Books are an indispensable part of economic - political - social life, any country has a treasure of books - national property. That book is intellectual property, so the wisdom of one country is the inspiration of another, it needs to be intersected, needs to be spread, valuable knowledge about history, science studies, etc., poetry collections of famous writers as well as immortal love stories living with the time of each country are the property of mankind. Therefore, the book has been translated into many different languages ​​around the world.

But book translation is the pinnacle of translation, in order to translate a good book, in addition to accurately translating, the language is consistent with the original text, it also requires the translated voice to exude the author's soul. Therefore, to ensure a "best-selling" book requires the translator to be good at both source and target languages ​​and especially to be good at literature for feature films and professional for films. Scientific documentaries and films.

Besides, translating books as well as translating other specialties: Culture - Society, Economy - Politics, Engineering, Information Technology, etc. requires understanding about each specialty, standard translation. But book translation is different from normal documents, it requires a higher level of translators or editors, editors must be knowledgeable and experienced in translating languages ​​fluently.

Books are synonymous with content and style, sentences must be edited and sharpened to the standard of language. From translation to publication is a whole process of dedicated and serious work, not arbitrarily in any stage: translating, editing, unifying, compiling, etc. A book that meets the needs of a growing audience. It is both a matter of science and depth.

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