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What is notarized translation?

A notarized translation may be required in case you are looking for a foreign university, looking for a job abroad, want to immigrate or in cases when you have to send documents to another country. other. Any legal transaction with a company or organization in a foreign country requires the submission of some necessary documents in the language of that country.

To ensure that the documents submitted are accurate and that the translations of the original documents are accurate, they need to be certified and notarized. In this era of globalization, notarized translations have become essential.

Some things to pay attention to when notarized translation

A notarized translation refers to a certified translation that contains a notarized verification of the certifier's signature. This certification must be made by a qualified and signed notary public, with the official notary stamp.

So a notarized translation must be a certified translation that contains an affidavit regarding the accuracy of the translation made and mentions that it is an accurate translation of the source. These translations are required when one needs to submit official documents abroad and the notarization of these documents is valid to be accepted abroad.

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A certified translation must include the following:

• Source material in the original language

• Translated documents

• An affidavit signed by the translator or the company responsible for the translation, certifying that the target language text is correct and the complete translation of the original language text.

This is essential because an incorrect translation can change the meaning of the document or information and cause problems with the processing of your admission or job application. Notarized translations are accepted in government agencies worldwide. All certified translations need to be notarized as needed for official work.

Here is a list of documents that need to be notarized translation:

• Birth certificate, identity card.

• Marriage license and divorce decision.

• Affidavits, revised tax statements, sales invoices.

• Business contracts, financial statements.

• Supervision agreement.

• Bidding for city, state and county projects.

• House rental documents.

• New business license orders and name change announcements.

• Authorization letter.

Whether you need a certified translation or a certified translation depends on the purpose for which you are requesting the documents. The person undertaking the translation work needs to have practical knowledge of the source and the target language. However, some institutions and universities have their own lists of authorized translation agencies and only accept their work.

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