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Translating letters and emails

Get professional, cheap translation of letters and emails

Internet can be considered as the most important invention of human society in modern times. This is the protocol that changes all activities of society from daily life to trade, business, and purchase. The world is getting flatter, geographical distance between countries is no longer a big obstacle, especially in the field of correspondence and communication. Electronic mail, also known as email, has made global communication complete in the blink of an eye.   

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In the past, if you wanted to send a message, especially important information, the sender had to send the letter in an envelope, carefully packaged and delivered to the post office or courier company. That process takes days, sometimes weeks, if the distance is too long. However, email has helped shorten this process to just a few seconds, contributing to reducing time waste and increasing efficiency when doing business with foreign partners.

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Email has brought great utilities in work, helping to exchange information quickly, accurately, without limitation of space and time. Besides, email can also attach files such as images, audio, video and send at the same time to many people and especially the cost is almost zero. However, there is still another obstacle that people Users or businesses encounter when communicating with foreign partners is the language problem. A person can learn to send email in 0 minute but need at least 1 year to understand a foreign language in a basic way. So, idichthuat is an intermediary unit that helps translate email content from foreign languages ​​into Vietnamese and vice versa so that customers can overcome the unique weakness of email while using. Idichthuat has supported many individual customers and businesses in translation services such as:

(Some basic document types)

- Mail
– Email – email
- Fax
– Scan documents

It can be seen that email or email has clearly had a strong impact on the communication method of today's society. But they also have to overcome the language barrier to become effective tools for human life. Although translating email or the above documents is not a difficult profession, the translation needs to be natural and reflect the writer's style and purpose. More importantly, for businesses, these are classified documents, so translation partners need to have experience and reputation in the industry. Idichthuat With more than 5 years of experience and a team of translators with professional and specialized knowledge, we will ensure that our customers get the best translations. accurate - quick - confidential - saving when there is a chance to cooperate.

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