Notarized translation in the era of integrated country has become essential needs. With documents related to curriculum vitae, overseas student documents, travel documents, import and export procedures, labor export records, notarized translation is required in the languages required in your country of destination.


Notarized translation required must be fast, accurate, quality and reasonable price to aim at the interests of customers. Meeting all of the above requirements, Hanoi notarized translation service of IDICHTHUAT are trusted and chosen by many customers. And let's find out more and more about this service at us.

Cheap Notary Translation Service In Hanoi
Cheap Notary Translation Service In Hanoi

Notarized translation is different from the common translation

Notarized translation is an original document translation service need to be notarized into a target language other than the original language. The necessary condition is that the original must have a valid authentication stamp and the translation must be certified by the competent authorities to be identical and accurate with the original.

Notarized translation required With high accuracy, the translation must have more credibility and legal validity than the normal translation. Therefore, in order to have quality and valid notarized translations, you need to find reputable and experienced notarized translation service providers in this field.

Introduction about notarized translation services at IDICHTHUAT

IDICHTHUAT is one of the leading companies in Notarized translation services in Vietnam. Our professionalism is not measured by the time of operation but is evaluated based on the satisfaction of our customers over the years. Come to IDICHTHUAT, we guarantee that customers will receive the highest satisfaction about the finished products that IDICHTHUAT bring. The efforts and achievements we have made over the years have been trusted and recognized by our customers as a leading prestigious unit in the field of notarized translation. now.

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Notarized translation process at IDICHTHUAT

  • Step 1: Customers can contact IDICHTHUAT via hotline / email / web chat Or you can go directly to the representative office to IDICHTHUAT to answer customer inquiries.
  • Step 2: You can send soft copy documents and requirements via EMail to receive a quote.
  • Step 3: IDICHTHUAT After receiving the soft file, we will review and quote the fastest price for you.
  • Step 5: After the two parties agree on the cost, the two parties will officially sign the contract
  • Step 6: After signing the contract, we will carry out the operations at the request of the customer.
  •                                          : IDICHTHUAT will deliver the documents at the agreed time to you by post, email or delivery support.
Process of Receiving and Notarizing Translation at IDichThuat
Process of Receiving and Notarizing Translation at IDichThuat

Why you should choose notarized translation services at IDICHTHUAT

  • IDICHTHUAT was Vietnam Translation Association rated the top quality and reputation in translation industry. More than that, IDICHTHUAT is still reliable notarized translation address of many domestic and foreign organizations, individuals and businesses.
  • We commit to deliver the translation according to the signed contract. If there is a delay, we will take full responsibility and 100% refund for customers.
  • Our translation process has been rigorously evaluated to offer the most competitive prices today, while minimizing costs incurred in the translation process to ensure the interests of our customers. If you become a potential customer, you will also receive a lot of incentives when using use translation services at IDICHTHUAT.
  • Commitment to keep customer information confidential, IDICHTHUAT do not store any of the client's documents after the translation contract ends

Notarized translation services in IDICHTHUAT

Notarized translation for businesses:

  • bids
  • Certificate of business establishment
  • Legal documents of business establishments
  • Legislation
  • Technical drawings
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Economic contracts
  • Notarized translation of contract amendments and supplements
  • Procedures for notarization of documents, cancellation of contract and transaction contents

Translating Specialized Documents

  • Technical Documentation
  • Reference books, textbooks, textbooks
  • Translation of medical, pharmaceutical and high-tech documents
  • Translating study abroad documents
  • Translate website, software
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Notarized translation of personal documents, academic papers

  • Notarized translation of university degrees, transcripts, academic records
  • Notarized translation of judicial records, people's identity cards, birth certificates, passports, household registration books, marriage registration certificates
  • Translation of income certificates, land use right certificates, documents proving property
  • Issuing notarized copies of documents
  • ...

IDICHTHUAT Proud to be the only company that offers Hanoi notarized translation service Cheapest and fastest in years. With proven competence, IDICHTHUAT wish to cooperate with organizations, enterprises at home and abroad.

For all cooperation needs, please contact: Hotline or EMail us at Contact We will advise you on service details and send a quote including translation fee and completion time as soon as possible.

Visit website: for more of our other services.

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