Legal duplication is growing in the legal profession. Legal professionals recognize the impact and effectiveness of services on their profession. Assistants, researchers, and attorneys don't have to work long hours listening to pleas, trials, interrogations, and testimony. Legal transcribers do the work of turning audio recordings into written records that are easier to sort, read, and scan. Specialized legal copy; so they provide exact duplicates.

How to Make a Legal Copy

Legal duplicators listen to audio files or watch video files of the proceedings. They copy what they see and hear to create written documentation of the files. Documentation is prepared in a specific format that allows attorneys and other legal professionals to locate the information they need with ease.


Duplicators type out everything they hear and see from audio and video files. In legal copy, verbatim copying is most essential and includes the following requirements:

  • Do not correct grammar errors when making legal copying.
  • Legal copy must include all background noise and nonverbal communication.
  • Include fill words, such as ah, err, uh, um, etc. when making copies.
  • Copies should include all stuttering and erroneous words from the recording.

The copying industry is growing rapidly. Legal transcription services include transcription of legal correspondence, legal briefs, client letters, interrogation, formal hearings, testimony. Recordings can include video, digital files, and plain tape. With the vast amount of information that lawyers need to read and review at different times, legal duplication becomes important to their legal practice.

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Invest in Legal Copy

Many law firms now realize that investing in legal copy benefits their practice. They realize the amount of time saved using a legal transcription service. They use that time for other things they need in the cases being handled, and it's easy to find information in the written copy provided by the legal duplicator.

Law firms do not have to hire people to copy. Outsourcing the service will be easier and more economical. Since the service provider is task-focused, copy delivery is faster and more accurate. Law firm workflows improve because they can focus on more essential functions that require their expertise.

Outsourcing copy services also saves money. Law firms only pay for specific work assignments. Moreover, the cost of copying is cheaper than hiring a permanent assistant to do the copying work. Turnaround times are also faster because legal copycats are industry experts and understand legal terminology. Their typing speed is excellent and produces documents in the format your law firm requires.

The success of this outsourcing is partnering with a company that specializes in legal duplication. They have replication experience, the right tools, and security measures in place to ensure the security of all legal files.

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Legal Duplication Process

When you outsource legal copying, you should know that the legal copying process is quite simple. Includes the following steps:

1. Translation company receives audio/video files from clients

Most legal copying companies accept audio/video files in a variety of formats. So you should check with that company if they can get your file in a particular format. Likewise, you should tell the company that provides the legal copy of the requested filing date.

The legal transcriber listens to the recording carefully and types it correctly, in the format you require. He or she will also review the source material.

If the file is about a court case or an interrogation, the grammatical and nuanced inconsistencies in the speech of all speakers will remain.

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If the source document is a letter or legal document, the copyist will correct the grammar, syntax, phrases, and wording of the final document, following your instructions.

2. Document review

Once the legal copy is completed, another person reviews and proofreads the document to ensure the grammatical integrity and accuracy of the copy.

3. Document delivery

After reviewing and proofreading, the company will send the document to the customer. The company may send a printed or numerical copy of the copy. The supplier complies with the customer's requirements and also stores the final copy to ensure that the customer can obtain additional copies of the file in the event of damage or loss.

Legal Copy Turnaround Time

The speed at which legal copies are delivered varies. Typically, the legal copy is available within 24 to 48 hours. Some urgent projects can be available in about four hours. Other jobs in high speed may be available in one to two business days. Hence urgent projects cost more. Customers who are willing to wait for a copy within six to ten business days will receive a discount. For bulk files or more important projects that need more people copying, the job can take about one to two weeks.

Fees for legal transcription services are charged by the minute. Rates vary depending on the complexity of the project. Face-to-face interview or standard person interview enjoys the lowest cost. Audio files with four or more speakers or recordings related to specific topics such as group discussions, focus groups, or specific terminology will cost more.

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Choosing the Right Legal Copy Service Provider

There are a few things you need to consider to make sure you're hiring the right legal transcription company for your needs.
Here are some characteristics of a legal transcription company you should look for:

  • Companies that provide legal copying services need to ensure a high level of accuracy. If they can't guarantee you at least 99% accuracy, find another company.
  • See if their turnaround time matches your law firm's requirements. The company that provides the copying service should be flexible as there will be times when you will need several copies within a day or two.
  • Make sure you choose a legal copying company that operates in your country as it will follow your country's legal copy protocols and requirements.
  • The company that provides legal copying should have copyists in many languages, especially the most widely used languages.
  • Their standards for security are very high. You should ask the company to tell you about their encryption and security practices.
  • Companies should have transparent insurance and contracts. They need insurance to protect the company and customers and should clearly state the scope of work, including client and company expectations. Insurance policies should be as clear as general liability and cyber liability.

Whether the company is fully incorporated or not. So read customer testimonials and reviews. Since the company will handle confidential documents, it is important to choose a company that provides licensed and reliable legal copying services.

Services Of Legal Copy Service Company

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The company offers a wide range of different services. When looking for a firm to handle your legal duplication needs, see if it provides the services your law firm needs today and in the future.

  • Administrative hearing
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Guest tapes
  • Negotiation call
  • Client letters
  • Mail
  • Workshop Procedures
  • Conference proceedings
  • Court procedure
  • Court recordings
  • Court tape
  • The bow is recorded
  • Certificate of Oath
  • Legal evidence/argument
  • Fire report
  • Federal agency investigation
  • Interrogation
  • Verdict
  • excuses
  • Legal certification
  • Jury Instructions
  • Interviews, speeches, presentations
  • Legal Summary
  • Summary of mediation
  • Licensing appeal
  • Mediation procedure
  • Minutes of the meeting
  • Remember board
  • Public hearing
  • General correspondence
  • Eavesdropping
  • Video conferencing and calls và
  • Phone conversation
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Application Of Legal Copy

A legal copy is a reputable record of a proceeding, such as what happened during a trial. Records can be used by legal professionals and attorneys for various purposes, such as:

  • Plan your trials
  • Formulate questions to ask witnesses in a trial
  • Plan for appeals
  • Use copy as proof bằng
  • Understand the judge or jury's decision
  • Furthermore, law students can use legal transcription to study judgments from the past.

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Benefits of Legal Copy

Legal Copy helps lawyers and legal professionals to become more organized:

  • Legal Copy provides the best document format for attorneys. The legal copy includes a timeline and identifies the speaker, allowing attorneys to track the timeline and information flow of the event. Information is crucial in building a case or finding inconsistencies in witness testimony.
  • Legal copy can help attorneys support audio or video recordings presented as evidence. Copying is useful for jurors and others in a trial or trial to ensure that everyone gets the same information from the evidence submitted and to reduce the risk of misinterpretation.
  • Written transcription of audio files will easily highlight important parts of the document. Likewise, taking notes can be faster using legal copies. Attorneys will be able to find the right information quickly and immediately form questions via copy. Furthermore, uploading and accessing a written document is easier. You can download it in different file formats to different devices. A written document is easy to carry around and file sharing is also easier and faster.
  • Legal copy helps attorneys handle complex cases with conflicting statements from the police and several witnesses as well as get a better view of all the evidence and information. This can lead to positive outcomes for clients and attorneys.
  • Family members who are unable to attend court sessions and hearings can follow court proceedings through legal copy. If they speak another language, the legal copy can be translated into their language so they know what was said or asked for in court. Those who are unable to hear also benefit from a legal copy, which helps them follow due process.
  • It's easier to organize, locate, find, and store information when you have a legal copy. Written documents are easier to store when your law firm wants to go from paper to digital files.
  • Legal copies are very important when your client wants to appeal. Research is faster when you have it, and it's easier to prepare a new strategy. In North Carolina and other jurisdictions in the United States, it is the responsibility of the appellant to provide a complete record of prior trial for appeal.

Working processes in a law firm are time consuming. When you use the legal copying services of a competent legal copy provider, you will save effort, money and time. The service provider understands the requirements of the legal industry, helping you do the work necessary to ensure that the law firm and your clients receive all the benefits.

Idichthuat providing high quality transcription services ensures that clients receive the highest quality legal copying services. Our legal transcription specialists are native speakers and have years of experience in the field with the most competitive prices and fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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