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In trading activities, price is a very important factor affecting the success or failure of a transaction. For customers, price is the basis for deciding to buy this product or another product. For businesses, price is a competitive weapon in the market, affecting sales and profits and indirectly reflecting the product quality of a product. Price not only creates micro-effects on sales, costs, profits, market share and competitiveness of products, but can also affect both markets and the economy.

Valuation is not an easy job, requiring the synthesis of many different sources such as cost, cost, marketing, target audience, market share and pricing strategy. Price is just a number, seemingly simple but contains a complex calculation process.

When customers do not know well about a product or company, price is an intermediary bridge between customers and businesses so that the needs of the two parties are balanced, leading to transactions. Quotation becomes even more important for overseas customers and partners. At this time, the quotation must be translated into foreign languages ​​accurately and show professionalism, quality and represent the whole company through the quotation.

The fierce competition in the international market does not allow the smallest errors to appear in the quotation. Because of that importance, quotation translation requires high accuracy and is more rigorous than other documents.

With that in mind, quotes are translated by idichthuat always closely monitored, accurate to each number, semicolon. Idichthuat be responsible for translating in terms of languages, symbols and numbers from the original quotation to the translated quotation in accordance with the practices and conventions in the host country. Idichthuat Experienced in quote translation in the following areas:

(Some basic quotation documents)

- Product price

– Service quote

- Quotation for construction work

- Quotation of machinery components

- Quotation of agricultural, forestry and fishery products

– Stationery quotation văn

- Quotation of garment products

- Quotation of household goods


Vietnam we have many goods, quality products can compete with goods on the world market. However, we do not yet have an international standard process to approach foreign customers.

Idichthuat With more than 5 years of translation experience in international economic issues, we hope to contribute to standardizing procedures and regulations in a professional and universal way to create more competitive advantages for Vietnamese products. South in the international arena. That determination has been idichthuat Construction starts from the most basic steps such as translating your quotations in a way accurate - quick - confidential - saving Best.

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