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Newsletter No. 5

World Cup Championship

Brazil and Italy will play each other in the World Cup Championship game on Sunday in Pasadena, California. Yesterday, in the semi-final Brazil defeated Sweden by a score of one to nothing. Italy defeated Bulgaria 2 to 1. Italy and Brazil had each one 3 world cup championships. No team has ever won 4 .


Brazil: brazil country
Italy: Italy
World Cup Championship: World Cup Competition Championship
Semi-final: semi-final
To defeat: defeat, defeat
One to nothing = one nil = one nought: 1-0
Team: team, team
To win/won/won: win

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Brazil and Italy will compete for the World Cup on Sunday in Pasadena, California. Yesterday in the semi-final Brazil defeated Sweden with a score of 1-0. Italy beat Bulgaria with a score of 2-1. Italy and Brazil have each won the world championship three times. No team has won the championship four times.

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