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the Company is pleased to announce: We currently have a need to recruit personnel for the position of Contributor to translate content about the Zodiac (Astrology), Tarot cards and other content related to astrology and occultism:

Job Position / Specialization Quantity needed / Time to receive applications
+ English - Vietnamese translation collaborator with majors: Zodiac (Astrology), Tarot cards, astrology, mysticism, meditation, 12 constellations, horoscopes, divination, natal chart, horoscope …

+ Form: Freelance job - Reference salary: 13.000 - 20.000 VND/page (according to capacity)

+ Quantity: Unlimited

+ Time to receive applications: Unlimited

+ Time to respond to the application: Up to 10 days

Job description & related regulations:

+ Please download and read the following file before applying:

-- Job description: Click to view content

—- Regulations of collaboration: Click to view content


+ Knowledge of the majors applied for (Astrology, Horopoce, Tarot...). Preference will be given to candidates who have graduated/are studying a university program with majors in English translation and interpretation, English language or fields corresponding to the position applied for; or have/are working at positions corresponding to the majors you want to translate.

+ Satisfied at least 1 out of 3 conditions: Having practical experience in translating related specialties (Astrology, Horopoce, Tarot...); Participated in translation and interpretation training courses from universities; Have an international academic English qualification (IELTS, TOEFL).

+ Ability to translate at least 800 words/day (equivalent to about 2 A4 pages) or 6000 words/week (15 A4 pages).

+ Arrange a specific work schedule for freelance translation work.

+ Proficient in using office software, sending/receiving email, having a mobile phone.

+ There is a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, honesty; having the will to progress, eager to learn.

Application process:

+ Do translation test of the two content files below (can refer to the sample translation here: Click to view content)

--- Contents of the Zodiac: Click to view content

—- Tarot Content: Click to view content

+ Candidates fill in the personal information in the form here Then attach your CV and test translation.

+ Idichthuat will check the candidate's profile, information and capacity test.

+ If the test translation and CV meet the requirements, Idichthuat will send a confirmation email and discuss more details, work-related issues in case of approval and the position of Zodiac/Tarot Translation Contributor of the company.

For any queries, candidates can contact via email:

+ Email to receive and process feedback:

Right and benefit:

+ Salary is paid according to the actual volume work.

+ Freelance work from home in the form of project contract.

+ Free to choose the suitable project.

We look forward to receiving your application soon!

Contact us today for the fastest service quote and consultation.

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