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Finding a job is becoming increasingly difficult for today's language learners. Being fluent in foreign languages ​​and cultures, having social skills, and understanding many fields will certainly give you a competitive edge, especially in leadership roles.

With the demand rising and the popularity of Korean music, TV and movies around the world, Korean is a great choice if you are looking to expand your language skills, surpassing other candidates. heavyweight. Here are some of the fastest and most effective ways to learn Korean:

The Secret To Learn Korean Fast, Effectively.

1. Get acquainted with the unique Korean alphabet

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The Korean alphabet, also known as Hangul, is considered one of the easiest Asian alphabets to learn. This fascinating writing system consists of 24 letters with great combinations and unique grouping styles that make up all Korean words.

You should take some time to learn these basics, then it will be easy for you to take the next steps and learn to read, write and communicate around Korea (when you get there – see section 4). We recommend watching some Hangul alphabet tutorials on Youtube to get started and then just spending time with flashcards to memorize them all.

2. Fall in love with Korean cinema

If you haven't heard that Korean movies are one of the fastest growing industries in all of cinema, you're probably lagging behind. An example to demonstrate: The Handmaiden, a horror film that came out in 2016 and gained instant global acclaim, made the list of the top 100 films in Korea. Other Korean movies to watch include Memories of Murder and The Host.

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We recommend that you, besides enjoying great movies, watch at least one or two new movies every week to see the benefits of being immersed in the world of Korean movies. Also, there are many great Korean cinemas out there for you to choose from.

3. Let K-pop take you to Korea

If Korea's stellar cinematography has the world curious about its language and culture, K-pop has ignited interest in the country. Of course, PSY got the world's attention on 'Gangnam Style', but a bunch of more current and interesting groups have popped up and dominated TV channels not only in Korea but all over the world. . Groups worth watching include the US-bound BTS, iKon, and Red Velvet.

Korean music is an integral part of Korean culture and a rich source of material for those just starting to learn Korean, so we recommend spending some time immersing yourself in K-pop.

4. Go abroad and learn from local people

What better way to learn a new language than to mingle with the locals and absorb all their customs? Korea is an incredible blend of culture, history, sophistication and cuisine, but only when you live there can you feel it.

We recommend staying at least 2-3 months and enrolling in a language course in the beautiful country of Korea, if you can. Immersing yourself in the customs of that country is the fastest way to learn a language, especially one as strange and challenging as Korean.

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5. Watch more TV. No, seriously.

What the above is just a simple trick to silence mischievous children, watching TV has become an effective method to learn this strange language. Koreans seem to have a knack for dramas, which is reflected in numerous TV shows and appeals to audiences around the world.

Korean Dramas (K-dramas) are a great tool to get out of your world and enrich your Korean vocabulary while learning Korean. Boys Over Flowers, Master's Sun, My Love from the Star, and The Heirs are some of the shows we really recommend you watch.

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