Translation services – content editing according to SEO standards (updating content for the web)

Translation service – content editing according to SEO standards (regularly updating content for the web)

“Write standard SEO articles” is always a hot search keyword for Marketers, especially in recent years when Google constantly changes the search algorithm causing every SEOer to have a headache how to get the article to the top, increase views, push traffic, increase revenue.

What is standard SEO article?

When it comes to SEO standards, people often think that this is the type of article that is cleverly inserted keywords in some important places, with a natural density to be favored to rank high in the search engine bar.

However, if the websites race to use the keyword insertion trick to adapt to the search engines, pushing the rankings to the first page without without quality content (easy to read, understand, useful to viewers), not only will face the risk of being handled by Google, but also make readers feel tired and uncomfortable..

If only new articles are needed and don't care about the reader's experience then Completely wrong with the true purpose of SEO work is to attract potential customers and bring in sales.

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“Content is King”, “Unique or die” – no one in the SEO world does not hear these two sayings every day. An article has a lasting effect only when it has SEO keyword density and attractive content that are effectively harmonized.. But to have good content, the writer needs to have Knowledge of products, customers, and market requirements, stage and development goals of the business. . . So that Write a good article with the best SEO standards in the Gulf of Tonkin It's not terribly difficult, but it's not easy either.

Here are some principles of standard SEO articles worth referring to:

Ask questions before you pen

Know you know me, a hundred battles a hundred wins. Before writing a review or promoting a product, SEOer needs to find out who the audience is, what they need to read on your website, and how the product will attract them.

To write the first line, ask yourself: What needs does the reader need this product/service to solve? Does this product/service solve that problem? How? More than other possible ways?

Answering the above questions, readers find it reasonable and necessary, they will naturally continue reading. Here we explain more about the product. How to use it? How easy is it to operate? Additional benefits? Utility support?

When an SEO article completely meets the above questions, it has met the requirements of both readers.

Build a solid keyword framework

Most potential customers visit an SEO article when they actively search for keywords on Google to solve some need and click on the first few results.

To stay in these “first few results” is a fierce competition. Inserting keywords on the top is for this important step, because no matter how good your content is, if no one sees it and reads it, it will be a waste of money. Search algorithms can change, but basically, SEO standards have immutable principles.

  • Title: Contains the main keyword at the beginning, briefly, into the focus of the article
  • Description: Contains the main keyword, attractive, hits the reader's psychology
  • Images, meta Translation Agency: clearly describe the content, contain primary or secondary keywords
  • Content: at least 300 words but limit too long (more than 1200 words), lazy to read (Too long don't read syndrome), which cleverly interweaves special primary and secondary keywords at the beginning and end of the article. Moderate density, about 2-5%.
  • Affiliate links (inside the website or quality backlinks going out): Can lead some related links with some similar keywords in the article or connect to web 2.0, social media, video channels, PR articles ….

Build real content

At the same time, the writer needs compliant with AIDA for the content section (ATTENTION – INTEREST – DESIRE – ACTION). The title needs to cause attention, description interesting enough to pave the way to the article section – the part that answers the questions posed above, helping readers satisfy the need mine. Finally a Strong call-to-action or psychological impulse to buy.

A small note: The best content is always content that is written from the user's perspective, sharing, feeling, encouraging, rather than just dry information.

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So, a successful standard SEO article must combine smoothly and fully these two standards to fit suitable for the reader, fit meet the search engine optimization algorithm requirements. It seems simple, but not everyone can do it. In age of information competition Nowadays, it is not difficult to see that more and more individuals/business groups, large and small companies decide to cooperate with professional SEO services to get the best articles.

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