The document is one of the important and essential means of communication between the two parties. As the exchange of documents can be used for record keeping, the need to translate documents for parties using other languages ​​is equally important. This important document is the means of communication and financial exchange, the bank statement.

Bank statement translation services are hard to find, but you must keep in mind that when there is a good translation partner to assist you, translating complex documents is a doable task, that is, why it is imperative to have the assistance of a reliable and professional translation partner to assist you in translating bank statements into other languages.

Idichthuat is one of the leading localization and translation offices providing bank statement translation services in over 100 languages ​​globally. Founded nearly two decades ago, Idichthuat includes document translation services for a wide range of industries including legal, entertainment, healthcare, retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

But providing professional document translation services is not the only thing that Mars Translation does. Here's why you should choose Idichthuat Be your translation partner if you want to translate your bank statement:

1 Linguists have proven

Linguists have proven

When it comes to providing document translation services, one of the first and most important criteria to judge the value of a translation company is its team of translators. Idichthuat has an expert army of more than 5000 professional linguists and translators, who are experts and professors in the field of languages.

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Not only that, but these linguists also have trusted qualifications in the fields of language, they have provided more than 30.000 document translations. It is not difficult for them to provide certified bank statement translation services as they are not only capable of delivering them on time, but also competently and professionally, and carefully translate all account and content in the bank statement.

2 Quality translation

Quality translation

The quality of a translation agency can be assessed by the quality certifications that the company has, along with the quality of services the company provides to its clients and the translated documents of the company. Idichthuat is proof of the quality of service that the company provides to its customers.

Yourself Idichthuat is ISO 9001:2008 certified and a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). In addition to being a member of these prestigious associations, Idichthuat is also GDPR compliant, which implies that Idichthuat adhere to quality standards as they are updated. With Mars Translation as a translation partner, you can be completely assured when receiving bank statement translation services.

3 Cost effective ratio

Cost effective ratio

When a company or an individual needs a translation service, one of the first things on the list of considerations is price. Not all translation agencies offer quality document translation services, and not all are affordable.

Idichthuat understand the customer's cost concerns, that's why Idichthuat offers one of the most reasonable and competitive prices among its competitors. Price of document translation of Idichthuat starting from as low as the standard level of $0,044 per word and the professional price of $0,056 per word. In addition, these rates do not have any additional or hidden fees that may inconvenience its customers.

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4 Wide range of services

Wide range of services

The variety of translation services performed by a translation company also speaks volumes about its competence and professionalism, and Mars Translation has a lot to offer beyond translation services. bank statement technique.

Agencies provide translation services for games, websites, software, eCommerce and eLearning platforms in addition to delivering them efficiently and professionally at a rapid rate of change. When it comes to providing services to its international clients, Idichthuat provides translation services to clients in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, legal, technology, engineering and entertainment industries.

This diverse service portfolio makes Idichthuat becoming one of the most diverse translation providers among the competition and the ideal choice for a translation company.

5 Last words

Providing document translation services is not always an easy job and many translation agencies cannot provide document translation services that can be considered professional and certified, that is why if one wants to get document translation services for important documents like bank statements, Idichthuat will prove to be the best translation partner as it believes not only in providing accurate and professional translation services but also at affordable and efficient rates with quick turnaround times.

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