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In broad terms, digital prepress (DTP) is the creation of printed copies of information and ideas using computer software. Electronic publishing is used for electronic distribution or e-commerce publication of web pages, e-books, newsletters, slideshows, PDF files, etc.

Electronic prepress uses a design software capable of rearranging and combining text and images to create creative layouts in a digital file that can be later used for viewing online or trade publications.

Also used in translation services. DTP adjusts the format of the document to ensure that it is presented neatly and matches the format of the original work.

Electronic Publishing Service: One of the Important Elements of Localization
One Of The Important Elements Of Localization

Note: Difference Between Language Localization and Translation

What is the Importance of Electronic Publishing in Translation and Localization?

If you are not familiar with language translation, you may not notice that a language can translate longer or shorter than the original. When the source document is translated into another language, the layout of the translated text may change from the original document. The translation may leave a lot of white space because the translation is shorter, or the space may look too tight because of the increased length of the translation.

Translation services include formatting translations to match the original work, which is why electronic publishing is important. By using software, such as InDesign, CorelDraw, Xara Page & Layout Designer or Serif Pageplus, the translation company not only uses DTP to reflect the layout of the original work, but also a proofreading tool for viewing final layout and check the translation for any problems.

The Importance of Digital Editions in Translation and Localization
Electronic Publishing in Translation and Localization

Integrating Electronic Publishing into Translation Services

Marketing or communication is very important when a company has a product that is used by most of the consumers. This means that the company needs to have product information, posters, flyers, newsletters, brochures, signs, printed materials and other publications that must be translated into different languages. ensure that the entire customer base is covered. The company usually hires a design agency or an advertising agency to create their marketing and advertising materials.

When companies need to translate documents, they must ensure that the layout and format of the publication will reflect the original. A professional translation company that provides electronic prepress services will be able to do that.

With their digital prepress program, a translation company can recreate and format the layout or page design of any document in another language, whether the documents will be digital or digital. will be commercially printed. The translation company can faithfully reproduce the original layout without affecting the original message.

The translation company providing DTP services has experts to ensure that the translation of the message is culturally appropriate and accurate when using design elements, fonts and graphics. They may advise clients to use different colors, fonts or images to ensure that the translated documents are localized, meaning that the documents are tailored to the preferences of the target audience.

File Format Problems

Some translation companies include DTP services in the cost of the translation project. Some other companies offer it as a separate service. Some customers send Microsoft Word files when requesting translation. There are not many problems with this file type. There are clients who just want to translate documents because they can do the layout and formatting themselves. Therefore, the translation company will send them an unformatted file.

Other clients want the translated text to be a mirror image of the original, then the DTP service is used. Whether it is part of a translation service or an additional service, a translation company will use desktop publishing to ensure that the final translation is error-free, accurate, and looks just like the source document. Microsoft PowerPoint files are a bit of a challenge because the text lines on the pages are absent and it's difficult to expand text in PowerPoint files. If the translation is longer, the text will go beyond the boundaries allocated to the text, so the translation will suffer.

File Format Problems
Top Problems With File Formats

Images in a PowerPoint file also matter. Often the text on the image cannot be edited. Using DTP, the translation team can extract all the text, even the images, so that the translator can do their job and then ask the designer to edit the image back. . DTP practitioners can also rework PowerPoint layouts to ensure that the translated text will fit into the text boxes.

InDesign is a program used by many designers to create professional page layouts for different types of digital publications and print jobs. However, not many translators are familiar with the program. Therefore, clients should look for a translation company that offers a full suite of services, including editing, electronic prepress and proofreading services, in addition to translation.

DTP Isn't Just Visually Attractive

DTP is a creative process, with designers producing print layouts, incorporating creative elements such as fonts, colors, images, graphics and text. As an indispensable process in translation services, DTP services have an additional role. This is an effective tool when translating into multiple languages ​​and is used in the final stages of a translation or localization job. The service helps reproduce the original layout into all required languages ​​while making the necessary cultural and technical adjustments. DTP services ensure that translated versions of original documents look like they were created specifically in the requested language.

When a file is translated into another language, its layout and format may look very different from the original. Illustrations, forms, graphs, and image captions may be lost, truncated, or repositioned in the space used by the target language. The layout may stop with more whitespace or lack of space to fit all the elements displayed in the original work. Bullets may not be appropriate. Spacing, paragraph breaks, and hyphenation may also be affected. If several languages ​​are required, the problems will be repeated over and over again.

The translation company's DTP service has elements in the layout and format of the translation that will be the same as the original file. Since the translation team can view the final layout in its original form, it is easier to proofread the translated document. At the same time, they will be able to determine if the images and colors used in the translation file are culturally appropriate for the target language. Translators can let clients know if they need to change the images and colors of each translated version to ensure that they will be accepted in a particular culture.

Furthermore, a professional translation company with DTP services helps ensure that each translation is aligned to the design and visual needs of the target language, including all its elements.

DTP Isn't Just Visually Attractive
DTP Visual Attraction

The electronic prepress service provided for translation and localization includes some of the following:

  • Adjust the spaces for the text, so that the translation can fit in the allotted space without leaving a lot of space, or to keep the text from being overloaded and easily readable.
  • DTP programs allow compilers to make design changes. They can adjust the size of the image or change the layout of the document. Clients should keep in mind that languages ​​translate differently, so they should create a design or template that will provide more space for text elements.
  • Electronic prepress software has more special fonts and symbols than other word processing programs. So it is necessary when your files use special fonts and symbols or the target language has a different script to ensure consistency and accuracy of translation.
  • Digital publishing makes it easier to reproduce layouts when using languages ​​written in different directions, such as Urdu, Hebrew, or Arabic. Some Asian languages ​​are written vertically. You can rest assured that the layout will maintain the original design and format when the translation company has an electronic prepress service.
  • For marketing materials and other documents with a special design and layout, you should use an electronic prepress service to ensure the accuracy, quality and consistency of the translated document. When working with a professional translation company, you do not need to do anything extra because the company will send the most complete final translation.

Note: Why You Should Need Professional Vietnamese Content Localization Service

You have to pay a lot of money for professionally designed advertising and marketing materials. Now you want them to be translated into other languages, provided that the layout, format, and design are the same as the original document. This means you have to work with a professional translation company like Idichthuat, which offers a full suite of translation services, including electronic publishing services.

We have professionals who can handle multilingual documents. Our translation teams consist of native speakers and subject matter experts, to ensure that your translation and localization projects are accurate and fully adapted to the target culture. We work in over 100 languages ​​so you're not limited in your choices. Contact us today to receive the best quality - professional - accurate - fast services!

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