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Newsletter No. 9

American singer Michael Jackson

American singer Michael Jackson has married the daughter of Elvil Presley. In a statemenr released on Monday Lisa Marie Presley Jackson confirmed marriage took place 11 weeks ago. Last month news reports said the two had been married in the Dominican Republic

Mr and Mrs.Jackson said the kepl the marriage secret because they are private people and wanted to avoid madia attention.


And this new: last news
American singer: American singer
To marry=to get married to: get married
Statement: statement
To be released: to be released; to be announced
To confirm: confirm
To take place-occur=happen: to take place, to happen
To keep secret: keep a secret
To avoid: to avoid, to avoid
Media: mass media
Attention: attention

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Sample translation:

American singer Michael Jackson married Elvis Presley's daughter. In a statement released on Monday, Lisa Marie Presley Jackson admitted the wedding took place 2 weeks ago. Last month it was reported that the two were married in the Dominican Republic.

Mr and Mrs Jackson said they kept their wedding a secret because they were privacy-minded and wanted to avoid the attention of the media.

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