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Newsletter No. 7

To be flood = to be flooded

At least 4 people in the North have been killed in landslides caused by heavy rain. Hundreds of people have fled their home. More than 20 villages were reported flooded on the main island of Luzon. Areas of Manila were also flooded/ Mub and vocanic material flowed down Mount Pinatubo north of manila, trapping many families.


At least: at least
To be killed: to be killed
Landslice: miss the land
Heavy rain: heavy rain, torrential rain
To flee: to leave, to flee
Village: village, village
To be flood: to be flooded
Vocanic material: lava of a volcano
To flow down: to flow down
Mount Pinatubo: Pinatubo volcano
To trap: to be trapped, to trap

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Sample translation:

At least four people in the North were killed in landslides caused by floods. Hundreds of people have left their homes. More than 4 villages have been flooded on the main island of Luzon. Areas of the capital Manila were also flooded. Mud and volcanic lava have erupted from the pinatubo volcano north of Manila, trapping families.

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