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Europe cannot remove English from its center. And the reason is that all countries in Europe speak English. All European countries speak English to some degree. Some are proficient while others are less proficient in communication. We have compiled a list of 10 English-speaking European countries. Let's see!

English Speaking Countries in Europe
English Speaking Countries in Europe

1. Belgium

English really made a big impact on Belgium in 2015, when people in the country improved their English skills across the country. And that puts them straight into the top ten English-speaking European countries. With a proficiency level of 61,58%, Belgium is currently at the top of the list.

2. Poland

While Polish is trying to gain its own foothold in the UK, the proportion of Poles traveling abroad is increasing. Because of this, the Polish people have recognized the importance of English internationally. And with this knowledge, they managed to improve their English proficiency by 62,07%.

The most English speaking country in Europe
Pictures of Poland

3. Austria

Austria is amazingly gifted with languages, sharing borders with eight different countries, which is not surprising. With an English proficiency rate of 62,18%, Austria is also among the English-speaking countries.

4. Germany

The Germans have always been very competent in the industrial fields. And for the sake of that effect, they have always had a firm grasp of the English language. After all, it is the language of business today. With a proficiency rate of 62,35%, Germans dominate the European business industry.

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5. luxembourg

In Luxembourg, 64,57% of the adult population is fluent in English. And the country's wealth of languages ​​is not a surprise because, like Austria, it is also a landlocked country.

English speaking country in Europe
Pictures of the country Luxembourg

6. Finland

With Finland, the look above begins to shift slightly northward. With a population of 5,5 million, 65,83% of them are fluent in English.

7. Norway

With an English proficiency rate of 67,77%, Norway really shows a lot of interest in using English as a second language. So it's obvious that this country is on the list. In these areas, the Norse language seems to have had a great influence on the English language as it was occupied by the Vikings for a very long time.

The most English speaking country in Europe
Pictures of Norway Na

8. Denmark

While the Danes also maintain high demand, their English proficiency level has dropped and the figure is 69,93%. And that's just the adult population.

9. Sweden

With an English proficiency of 70,40%, Sweden is mostly native speakers. The presence of English is still strong to this day.

10. Netherlands

The Dutch replace the Swedes in terms of their English proficiency rate of 71,45%.

English speaking country in Europe
Pictures of the Netherlands

In addition, there are Ireland and Malta with a very high percentage of English-speaking populations. The percentages for other countries are as follows:

  • Cyprus 43,07%
  • Slovenia 34,37%
  • Greece 32,66%
  • Latvia 27%
  • France 24%
  • Lithuania 20%
  • Romania 17%
  • Portugal 15%
  • Italy 13%
  • Hungary 12%
  • Bulgarian 12%
  • Czech Republic 11%
  • Spain 11%

Considering all these rates, it is safe to say that English is not leaving Europe anytime soon. With English being the worldwide language of business and the language of the internet, it would be unwise to discard English anyway.

In fact, there is a new version of English called “Euro-English” coming out and it seems to be gaining traction.

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The “Euro-english” Phenomenon

In Europe, English is mainly used as a second language. And now that there are no more native speakers, the English language is developing in a European direction, and people also accept this flow naturally.

As a result, the English used in Europe today may even be considered incorrect by UK standards. The UK's departure from the EU has really made the UK stand out. And on the surface, it could go one of two ways. It could have been the end of English in Europe or the beginning of the Euro-British era.

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All that remains for us is to wait and see if this is officially recognized and we get a new version of the English dictionary or if this is just the last speck of dust to settle. Hope information about English Speaking Countries in Europe In this article will bring you useful information.

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