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Our serial interpretation service is a great choice for small meetings and group discussions. We are committed to giving your audience a clear and accurate understanding.

What is serial translation?

IDichthuat provides serial interpreting services both face-to-face and remotely. Our interpreters are available to interpret in person or via video call and phone, especially suitable for small groups.

Serial interpretation requires more time than other forms of translation, but offers high accuracy. Instead of interpreting concurrently while the speaker is speaking as in parallel interpretation, the serial interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets for the audience as the speaker interrupts each sentence.

Interpreters often take notes as the speaker speaks to ensure the accuracy of the interpretation, but without the use of sophisticated technology or equipment other than a writing instrument.

This form of serial interpretation is common in small meetings, interviews, and events where most of the audience speaks the same language, while the speaker uses another. This requires the interpreter to be proficient in both the speaker's and the audience's languages ​​in order to be able to translate questions from the audience and answers from the speaker (if any).

Do I need a serial interpreter?

Serial interpreting is ideal for small-scale meetings and events. Although it is not the fastest form of interpreting because the speaker will pause between sentences to give the interpreter time to translate, its advantage is that it does not require the use of expensive equipment. of events with limited budgets.

IDichthuat offers flexible serial interpretation services, customized to each of your events and audience. We are committed to providing your business with the best serial interpreting service that meets the requirements of the job. To ensure faster translation speed, event organizers can provide interpreters with specific information about the event or speech in advance, helping the interpreter to best prepare for that event.

Commitment to quality

At IDichthuat , we are always ready to provide businesses with the most reliable serial interpretation services. With a team of 1.000 translators and interpreters around the world in over 100 languages, we make your business accessible wherever you go.

We understand that making sure the audience understands clearly and correctly is an important element of any event. Our team of interpreters are always available to provide professional translation, either in person or remotely, depending on your requirements. With our fluency in both speaker and audience languages, we ensure that audience questions and speaker answers are translated accurately and efficiently.

Our serial interpreting service not only ensures high translation quality, but is also flexible and cost-effective. With us, you don't need to invest in expensive equipment or complicated technology. We cater to events with limited budgets and still deliver professionalism and high efficiency.

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In this article, we introduced you to serial interpreting services, an ideal solution for small-scale meetings and events. IDichthuat, with prestige and experience in the field of translation, meet the needs of your business and event with a reputable and cheap serial interpreting service.

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