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Fast notary services are becoming an urgent need for many individuals and businesses in the modern era. With the strong growth of the economy and the increase in legal transactions, access to fast, efficient and reliable notary services is becoming increasingly important.

World Bank: The World Bank's "Doing Business 2020" report points out that the average time to complete notarization procedures in high-income countries is 2,4 days, while in low- and middle-income countries it is 4,8 days. This shows that notary services play an important role in facilitating business and investment activities.

You need to notarize documents urgently. You are looking for a Quick Notary Service Quote in Hanoi to balance costs as well as to choose the appropriate service. The article below is probably what you need.

Price of notarized translation tools upon request in Hanoi (Unit: Thousand VND)

Idichthuat is a quick on-demand notary unit in Hanoi that is highly appreciated for its service quality and reputation. We are ready to support cases where customers have difficulty notarizing such as:

  • The parties involved have a problem that cannot be verified notarization directly.
  • Not enough documents and original documents.

Idichthuat We also accept notarization at home and outside office hours with simple and quick procedures.

Service Content Contract, transaction or property value Total price 
(Service charge)
In which: Fees and taxes paid on behalf of customers for the executive agencies are:
Fees + taxes Drafting fee Signing fee outside the office
Notarization of contracts, transactions are determined according to the contract value:

- Notarized contracts including economic, trade, investment, business,...

- Notarized contract of sale and purchase, transfer, donation of land use rights, capital contribution with land use rights (calculated on the value of land use rights)

- Notarized contracts of sale and purchase, donation of other assets, capital contribution with value properties;

- Notarization of written agreement on division of inheritance, documents on receipt of inheritance, wills, document on rejection of properties, certification of separate properties, other transaction contracts,...

- Notarized loan agreement (calculated on the value of the loan)

- Notarized contract of property mortgage, pledged property,...

- Notarization of other types of transaction contract that is determined according to the value of the contract, property.

Less than 50 million 1.500 50 k 500 500
50 million VND to 100 million VND  2000 100 k 500 500
100 million to 01 billion 3.000 0,1% value 600 800
01 billion to 03 billion 5.000 1 million+ 0,06% GT 600 800
03 billion to 05 billion 8.000 2,2 million + 0,05% GT 600 800
05 billion to 10 billion 11.000 3,2 million + 0,04% GT 800 1000
Over 10 billion 12.000 5,2 million + 0,03% GT 1000 1000
Notarization of guarantee contracts, authorization contracts, personal power of attorney, etc. Not by property value 2.000 50 500 500
Notarized true copy, certified signature, certified translation, notarized translation,... 10k / page 2k / page

Note: Price does not include 10% VAT

Notarization is one of the important legal services, helping transactions, contracts, and documents have legal value. However, choosing a reputable and professional notary office is not easy. This article will share some experiences to help you find a suitable notary office.

Distinguish notary office and notary office

First of all, it is necessary to clearly distinguish two types of notarization:

  • Notary: Is a unit directly under the State, also known as the State notary public.
  • Notary office: Is a private notary practice organization, established by notaries.

Basically, these two types only differ in owner and name, but notary service activities are similar. According to data from the Ministry of Justice, as of June 2, the country had 6 notary offices and 2023 notary offices operating.

Notary offices or notary offices both have the same notarization activities
Notary offices or notary offices both have the same notarization activities

Criteria for choosing a reputable notary office

Here are some important criteria to consider when choosing a notary office:

1. Clear and dedicated procedural instructions

A good notary office needs a team of enthusiastic consultants, ready to provide detailed instructions on the procedures and documents that need to be prepared over the phone or in person. They need to explain clearly, easily to understand, and go straight to the heart of the problem that customers are concerned about.

For example: Mr. A wants to notarize a real estate purchase contract. Office staff B gave dedicated advice over the phone about the documents to bring such as: original land use rights certificate, sales contract, ID cards of the parties, etc. Thanks to that, Mr. A prepared Complete documents and quick notarization.

Notaries need to provide information to customers in a way that is easy to understand
Notaries need to provide information to customers in a way that is easy to understand

2. Publicity and transparency of costs

Service costs are always a top concern for customers. According to regulations, notary offices must publicly post the fee schedule at their headquarters. However, for more convenience, you should choose an office that is willing to provide prices by phone, email or on the website.

According to our survey of 100 customers using notary services in May 5, up to 2023% said they would feel more secure when the office was open and transparent about costs from the beginning.

You need to choose an office with dedicated staff
You need to choose an office with dedicated staff

3. Professional and enthusiastic service attitude

With a private notary office, you have the right to receive the best service commensurate with the cost. Therefore, prioritize choosing a place with friendly and enthusiastic staff; Professional and fast working style.

A typical example is notary office X. Even though customers have complex problems, the staff here still listen patiently and offer the most optimal solution. Survey results show that 95% of customers are satisfied and will recommend X office to relatives and friends.

The notary office has a flexible and lawful way of handling documents
The notary office has a flexible and lawful way of handling documents

4. Handle work flexibly and legally

A good notary office must both ensure compliance with legal regulations and be flexible in how to handle work. They are willing to guide customers on alternative options in case of missing documents, as long as they do not violate the law.

For example, when notarizing a will, if the will leaver's identity card is missing, the notary may request to present other identification documents such as passport, identification card, etc.

You should choose a responsible notary office
You should choose a responsible notary office

5. High sense of responsibility, knowing how to admit mistakes and correct them

Errors in notarization can have serious consequences. However, if an unfortunate incident occurs, the notary office needs to show a sense of responsibility, frankly admit mistakes and quickly correct mistakes before issuing notarized documents.

A reputable notary office will always put the interests and satisfaction of customers first. They are willing to compensate for damages if their errors cause legal consequences for customers.

Above are some experiences in choosing a reputable and professional notary office. In short, you should choose a place with enthusiastic, easy-to-understand consultants; cost transparency; professional service; Handle work flexibly, legally and with a high sense of responsibility.

As a unit with many years of experience, ABC Law Firm is proud to provide reputable and fast notary services in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. With a team of experienced lawyers and notaries, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Currently, how many notary offices and notary offices are operating in the country?

According to data from the Ministry of Justice, as of June 6, there are 2023 notary offices and 76 notary offices in operation nationwide, serving the notary needs of people and businesses.

2. How to distinguish a notary office and a notary office?

The Notary Office is a public service unit under the Department of Justice, established by the state. Meanwhile, a notary office is a private notary practice organization, established by notaries. However, both types provide similar notary services.

3. If the notary office's instructions on procedures over the phone are not clear, what should I do?

You should ask the consultant to explain the necessary procedures and documents in more detail and easier to understand. A professional notary office is always ready to provide dedicated guidance, helping customers understand the process and prepare complete documents, avoiding wasting time traveling multiple times.

4. Is the notary office required to publicly post the fee schedule?

According to regulations in Circular 257/2016/TT-BTC, notary offices must publicly post the fee schedule at their headquarters and on their website (if any). However, to make it more convenient for customers, many offices are willing to provide prices via phone or email when customers need it.

5. How to evaluate the service attitude of notary office staff?

You can observe the employee's behavior and communication attitude right from the first contact. A good notary office always has a friendly staff, enthusiastic to answer customers' questions, and ready to assist when needed. They must also demonstrate professionalism, expertise, and work promptly and on time.

6. If you encounter a complicated problem, can the notary office handle it flexibly?

A reputable office will try to find ways to handle work as flexibly as possible, so that it is both legal and convenient for customers. For example, when some documents are missing, the notary can advise the customer on how to replace them with other equivalent documents.

7. If a notary makes a mistake, will he be responsible for compensation?

According to the Notary Law 2014, notaries must compensate for damages caused by their errors during practice. Maximum compensation is 100 times the base salary. In addition, notary offices must purchase professional liability insurance for their notaries.

8. How can customers check the authenticity of notarized documents?

Notarized documents are stamped with a stamp, a notary's stamp, a notary office's stamp and are registered at the Department of Justice. When needing to check, customers can request the notary office to provide a true copy from the notary book or look up online on the National Notary Database at.

9. According to the survey, what is the percentage of customers satisfied with the current notary service?

According to the survey results of the Ministry of Justice in 2022, 85% of customers were satisfied and very satisfied with the quality of notary services. The highest rated criteria are dedicated service attitude (95%), clear procedure instructions (92%), and quick job handling (90%).

10. What documents are often required to be notarized?

Types of documents that are commonly notarized include:

  • Contract (sale, lease, mortgage...)
  • Wills and documents renouncing inheritance rights
  • Authorization documents
  • Document translation
  • Certificate of marital status
  • Copies from originals of documents such as identity cards, household registration books, birth certificates, diplomas, etc.

11. How much is the fee for notarizing real estate purchase and sale contracts?

According to regulations in Circular 257/2016/TT-BTC, the fee for notarization of contracts for transfer of land use rights and assets attached to land is 0,1% of the transaction value but not exceeding 10 million VND/contract. . There are also some other costs such as signature authentication fee (10.000 VND/signature), original copy fee (2.000 VND/page)...

12. How long does it take to return notarized results?

The time to return notarized results is usually 1-2 working days if the documents are complete and there are no problems. In cases where additional information is needed, it may take 3-5 days. Some notary offices also provide same-day notarization services, delivering results to customers with urgent needs.

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