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Discover the benefits of hiring a professional interpreter

Think of important international conferences, or government agencies in heated debates; you'll probably notice people wearing quick talk headsets sitting in the rear seats with high-tech suites.

Yes! Those are the interpreters. While professional interpreters are expected to be found in such high rate environments, these communication gurus will benefit anyone organizing a conference, event, or event. or business meetings.

A common practice in many businesses is to rely on employees who know more than one language: “Dude, can you come over here and talk to these people?” While this may be enough to answer a simple question like: “Where is the snack vending machine?” or “Would you change anything about this?”, it certainly isn't enough for a real business.

When you need to negotiate an agreement, or effectively communicate with customers, or the market, or to professionally educate, communicate, and directly instruct customers or partners, you need a professional interpreter. Don't risk giving mistakes or misinformation, look for a professional interpreter. 

Interpreters like mechanics cơ

If your car needs an oil change or new seat belt, calling your cousin can be a low-risk way to save a few dollars. If your vehicle needs a new set of main bearings or a new head gasket, call a professional.

Because you know your car is worth the extra investment and someone with the qualifications and experience can waste your time or destroy something you value. An interpreter is like a mechanic: not only can they solve tough situations for you, but they can also “improve” your vehicle to give you more horsepower.  

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Risks from bad translations

A poor or incomplete translation can actually be worse than the untranslated one. This is like saying that having bad instructions is better than having no direction! If you get lost, can you go further and still go the wrong way?

If people act on incorrect or incomplete information, the consequences can be catastrophic. Imagine the impact for a business relationship, reputation, event outcome or profit!

Interpreters are not just language experts; They are communicators acting as professional consultants. Furthermore, their understanding of the language and their communication skills can help. They can then focus fully on making decisions that will drive the business forward. 

Are you willing to bet the success of a business or event on the skills of an amateur? Is it really worth the risk to save a small amount of money? Would you do this for accounting, marketing, security?

Don't risk communicating effectively by leaving the job to a non-specialist. However, hire a professional interpreter just like you take their job seriously. Professional interpreters are based on a livelihood and work ethic just like you.

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What can interpreters do for you?

In addition to bridging language gaps and bringing together people who may not be able to communicate effectively, professional interpreters can:

  • Frees you from other language limitations and empowers you to say what you want.
  • Make sure that the information you receive is complete and accurately reflects its meaning.
  • Accurately translate all that has been said without miscommunication or misunderstanding.
  • Mediation in conversations, meetings, conferences, phone calls or any other means of communication.
  • Avoid potential cultural violations, taboos or unintentional disrespect.
  • Use industry-specific terminology, nuances, slang, or acronyms.
  • Maintain professionalism, confidentiality and trust.
  • Protect and present the professional image of the business or organization; The presence of a professional interpreter demonstrates your commitment to ensuring success.

The advice of IDICHTHUAT for you

Hiring a professional interpreter offers many practical benefits to any business. In many business areas, such as electrical works, IT matters or financial bookkeeping as well as communication, one would not hire anyone but experienced professionals.

Don't put hard work, time or financial investments at risk, so hire a professional interpreter. You won't regret doing it.

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