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The reason you want to be a professional translator It's a pretty important factor. For money? For fame? Are you simply looking for a part-time job or is it just a hobby of yours?


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To be a good translator requires you to know exactly what career goals you want to pursue. Have faith in those goals and see them as the foundation for your professional translation career later, so that you can set your own rules, strategies and tools. for yourself, these things will also determine your own attitude and style of translation.

Determining your target audience and type of work is a must, each one of them has a different view of work results. The purpose of a Professional Translator is to be able to convey expectations. your client's wants intact and disciplined so that your effort is completely worth it.

A Professional Translator should also have a passion for translation work. Motivation is the key factor whether it's hours, or weeks when you have to repeat the same task. If you love what you're doing, the results will be the best proof for your readers and customers.

Fast text translation is essential but does not mean that the quality of your translation is reduced.

In general, to become a good translator, you need to identify the career goals that you want to pursue. Believe in your ability to work, listen to customers and understand their needs and desires, and really love this translation job. You will eventually get the results you want.

Idichthuat good luck.

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