Serving global multilingual customers online is a good way to keep the company growing. For most companies, a native language-only website is not a “good thing” for serving existing and new online customers – that is for sure.

Why almost all companies have translations for their pages specifically for multilingual clients globally. Here are the reasons:

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1. Expanding the Range of Brand Activities

Targeting the global multilingual market is a good way to keep a company growing, and localized websites are the best way to reach them. They are the key to:

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Educate potential customers, distributors or partners about your brand and what it offers.
  • Deliver customer experience by serving new customers in their language.

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2. Brands Taken To The World

Sometimes your reputation will precede you, and your brand will suddenly pop up in a new market. If you find unexpected foreign interest in your product or service, keep it going by translating your website. That's how you show your appreciation to new customers, and give them a platform to interact directly with your brand.

3. You Are Completely Doing Business Abroad

If you are already doing business outside of your home market, the best way is to bring local information to support international customers. Customers are more likely to do business with your brand when they can read product descriptions, understand shipping methods, payment options, and transact in a language they're familiar with. Best.

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4. Competitors Haven't Made It

A translated website can be a way to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Entering a new market ahead of your competitors will help you grab a share of the market faster, and it's completely free for you to set the standard of quality and service your competitors will okay later.

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5. Your Competitors Have Done It

Your competitors may already be serving customers online in their favorite languages. To be able to break into those markets, you should also translate your website. Fortunately, there are many translation solutions that can help you break into new markets faster, with the perfect brand translation helping you score higher in UX and customer experience.

6. Required by Law

Sometimes interpreting isn't just the best method. In some markets and industries that is a legal requirement. Failure to meet these regulations will result in losses, but also penalties and fines.

7. The Data Suggests It

Check and analyze your website: besides the domestic market, where do other customers come from? Are global visitors spending time on your site, or are they leaving? Are they changing? Can they change?

Answering the above questions after data analysis can reveal untapped markets that could be better served by a multilingual website.

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8. You Want Seo Benefits

Your website is more than just a platform for customers to connect and transact with your brand. You can also gain SEO benefits from your online content, helping to increase search rankings and save traffic. Multilingual websites all have these benefits. Translated content is all SEO-rich phrases that will help a lot in search, when users search for them in their favorite language.

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9. Increase Traffic and Revenue

Global users who can't read your site won't find you, and if they don't find you, you won't convert. Making your content visible in a new language will strike a chord with new customers, increase your site's traffic, and possibly lead to conversions.

The conversion need not be limited to spot transactions. Even non-transactional sites benefit from translation in the form of completed forms, information downloads and sales calls.

10. Delivering a World Class Customer Experience

Giving multilingual customers around the globe a truly authentic online experience is the best reason for you to translate your website, and can be combined with one or all of the reasons outlined above,

When you want to get new customers excited about your brand, support the services you already offer, or do a better job of serving the market than your competition, you can too. Give your customers a CX that's as good as your main website.

How many times have you seen your company need something from the list above? Your customers deserve those premium experiences – they expect it. Don't let them down.

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