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In today's era of technology development, the appearance of websites plays an extremely important role in promoting the name of every business. For this purpose, companies always focus on building their own website with the hope that this will be the company's online portal and represent the company's mission and vision to the world. Website is a means to communicate for the company's own brand and help businesses reach target customers. So companies need to be very meticulous in designing their own websites. And when the company is targeting overseas, the key for the business to reach the foreign market is to translate the website into the respective language.

+ Note: Selecting Translation Languages ​​for Websites

Website translation helps a lot in reaching new markets. Organizing all the content and translating it according to the characteristics suitable for the regional market requires the assistance of professional native interpreters. For effective web page translation, you need to consider the following three basic aspects:

  • Content and layout
  • Content Management System
  • Search engine optimization

Content and layout of the Website

First, you need to decide if you want to build a multisite or multilingual website. This decision will help you determine the translation method you need to perform. Let's take a look at both methods so you can make an informed decision about which method to follow.

If you decide to use multiple sites then you must purchase the site names from different countries and ensure that it is correctly localized by local experts. The benefit of this approach is that your site is local rather than cultural. It will also improve your search engine optimization (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) and your website ranking. Multisite development will assist you in creating lots of high quality backlinks between websites. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to buy multiple domains and need to maintain them simultaneously.

If you decide to go with the multilingual approach, you will have many different languages ​​on one website. If a user enters a website with a .de at the end, it will take them to the German version of your main site and the specific German section. In general, a multilingual website is easy to manage, but you need to update new content in different languages ​​at the same time so that all parts of the website are coherent. Whether you choose to use Multisite or a multilingual site, it is essential to choose a professional language service provider that can translate your website to your specific requirements.

+ Note: Professional Chinese translation company

When you choose a translation partner for your website, make sure you give them clear instructions, including:

  • Do not translate your website word for word. Instead, localize so your readers can understand what you want to convey.
  • Use the correct symbols whether it's currency, date format, or unit of measure.
  • Apply culturally specific images of products and services.
  • Improve the site as needed.
  • Another important thing to consider when you are developing a website is that there must be enough space to expand or narrow the text.

Choosing the Right Content Management System

A content management system is a digital application that helps develop and modify digital content. Many applications are designed to assist in managing the content of web pages such as publishing requests, viewing history, editing and managing web-based formats.

A good content management system will help in the site localization process. You need to choose a content management system that optimizes site localization and supports Multi-languages ​​Some languages ​​have specific translation requirements such as right-to-left languages ​​including Dutch Thai and Arabic, dual script for Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

+ Note: Why You Should Need Vietnamese Content Localization Service

Another important thing about the content management system is that you can manage your multilingual websites flexibly with the source languages ​​and match the items added, rated and commented. from users from Poland, Egypt, the United States and Spain. If you are using Application Programming Interface (API) for CMS then it will help you to design your content in different languages. You can also set the machine to translate automatically, as a temporary option. Any options that do not reduce the quality of your site are applicable.

Choose the best SEO strategy

When you decide to enter a new market, you must choose an SEO strategy that is effective, and works best for your websites. You cannot succeed in your marketing campaigns if you do not incorporate multilingual SEO strategies according to your project characteristics.

Choose the right keyword

Even though your customers speak the same language in the same country, it is essential to develop a list of keywords or phrases that are relevant to each country. friend. Consider that Spanish-speaking Europeans will not search in the same way as Latin Americans. Therefore, considering cultural and regional differences while choosing keywords can aid in better ranking your site.

+ Note: Translation services – content editing according to SEO standards 

Research different search engines

Google is widely used all over the world including in the West. Many other search engines are also used in different countries. For example, in Russia, Yandex is used and it is also gaining popularity in Turkey. Baidu is used in China and yahoo is the Japanese choice. This shows that you also need to focus on other search engines to improve your online visibility in different regions.

Subscribe to search engine updates

Search engines need to update their search results and algorithms regularly. So you need to monitor and update your SEO strategy. Don't forget to update with customer-centric content that will rank your site higher.

+ Note: Translate Websites For Readers Not For Google To Read


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