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Japanese is derived from Altaic languages ​​including Turkish, Tungstic, Mongolian, and Korean. It is a very important language and is spoken by about 140 million people in Japan alone and as a second language in Chinese and Korean speaking countries. Although Japan's growth rate is not as fast as China's, it is still the country with the largest economy in the world.

Why Is Learning Japanese Important?

Nowadays, language learning opens up a new future for young people with more job opportunities than ever before. But with a job market full of competition and extremely fierce as today, just knowing English is really not enough. There are still many students who have graduated but are still unemployed. Therefore, knowing a new language, and especially Japanese, will help you increase your competitiveness and easily find a job with a satisfactory salary.

Learning Japanese Becomes Important
Japanese Language Opens Up A New Future For The Young Generation

And of course, there will be many of you wondering how to choose? Our advice is to choose Japanese. Why? Think about it, if two students study in the same field, at the same school, and have the same graduation score, one person who is fluent in a foreign language and one who does not know a foreign language, who will have a job opportunity? higher? And similarly, if you are good at English and have an N2 degree in Japanese, you will have more opportunities to enter Japanese companies, or companies with Japanese partners.

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Japanese Culture Is Becoming Part of the World

Learning Japanese will bring you business opportunities if you are heading to the Japanese market.
The 3rd largest group of Japanese speakers on the Internet.
Japanese will help you study abroad. Realize the dream of a stable and growing future.

Ways To Make Learning Japanese Easy

Do you want to learn Japanese? And looking for some tips? We can help you! Take a look at the following 5 effective ways, see which way is better for you and apply now!

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The osmotic method to learn Japanese. It sounds strange, but it is very effective.

The osmosis method helps you to assimilate into the Japanese language and culture. It includes traveling to Japan and spending time learning about its culture. Another way of osmosis is how to become friends with a Japanese speaker.

It is a very good method to learn a language in a natural environment. This is a great way to learn Japanese. By using this method, one can use the language every day by interacting with native speakers and can know more about your country's cultural norms and values. It is known as the fastest method because it helps to learn foreign languages ​​quickly.

However, not everyone can travel to Japan because of time and money constraints. This method is quite expensive, time consuming and stressful. Without a doubt, all the native Japanese speakers are hospitable and they will assist you on your first contact. Language barriers and cultural sensitivities can be stressful and even intimidating at first.

The translation method is very useful for learning Japanese

People who learned a language before 1900 or studied disappeared languages ​​like Latin used this method. In this way, the Japanese find a book in Japanese and use a bilingual dictionary to translate it into their native language. You can also use a professional Japanese translation service if you want to apply this method. This way of learning is very economical and is considered the cheapest way to learn Japanese. If you are willing to invest more energy and time then this method is very beneficial.

Learn Japanese Easily and Effectively If You Choose Professional Translation Methods

But a new language is easy to learn when you try to communicate in them. This method is difficult to learn because it does not teach you speaking, listening and writing skills. Japanese is a language that exists with millions of native speakers, so you need to find another arbitrary method.

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Grasp the grammar in the palm of your hand – the method to learn Japanese often mentioned

In this way, one can learn Japanese through textbooks and self-study with the help of language books. These books consist of several chapters containing few words and a large number of grammar rules, which form the basis for learning Japanese. As the name of this method suggests, it is grammar based and rules focused.

If you learn the grammar rules of Japanese, it will help you to identify the grammar with the vocabulary. For beginners who want to know the basics and write Japanese well, this is a very beneficial and economical method.

Just like the translation method, those who learn Japanese by the grammar-based method will not be able to speak and listen to the Japanese language. Learners who have to memorize grammar rules become very tedious and annoying. Furthermore, the learned vocabulary is a practical aspect of the Japanese speaking environment so learners cannot immediately use it in their own learning. This can be frustrating and unmotivated to learn Japanese.

Practicing listening and speaking Japanese regularly is also one of the methods of learning Japanese

Listening and speaking are two skills that are considered advanced among the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and that is also the ultimate goal of the vast majority of people learning Japanese. After accumulating a rich vocabulary and mastering the structured languages, learning to communicate becomes much easier.

To practice listening to Japanese, we should watch movies or gameshows, Japanese reality TV. Those shows are easy to follow because they often have Japanese subtitles underneath, because they have a very fast-paced style and sound so we can't keep up. At such times we can look at the subtitles to understand the words and gradually get used to them, they are no longer surprised by the way the Japanese speak.

It's also an inexhaustible source of vocabulary learning because in Japanese reality shows, they often use words that are familiar to everyday life. Buy a small notebook and it is an indispensable companion when watching and enjoying Japanese shows and movies. Every time we come across a good word, we can copy it to learn. Just like that, the vocabulary increased significantly.

For speaking practice, it can be said that we struggle and struggle a lot, spend a lot of time and try to be able to communicate in Japanese fluently. Find a short piece of text to practice and record your voice. After that, you can ask Japanese teachers to get used to correcting and getting help. Every comment is like a golden word, always go ahead and fix it little by little.

Once you've settled on sounds and rhythms, find a friend to socialize with, practice day. Each day for about 30 minutes together to discuss familiar topics, but the workouts are continuous and resistant for a long time.

At the same time, we should join Japanese-speaking forums with people from all over the world. Speak Japanese anytime, anywhere, learn from many different sources and forms. That way, later standing on the top of success, looking back, you will see that the things you tried to spend were completely right and meaningful. Tips are a fun way to learn and you'll make great progress.

Those who learn Japanese by listening and reading receive a complete communication foundation. If learners design a suitable route and are properly guided, it is less than a few weeks. Your ability to communicate in Japanese will improve a lot. However, in addition to talent, the persistence factor plays an important role in affecting your learning results.

Master the vocabulary to learn Japanese effectively

Many language learning software and apps like Rosetta Stone, Babbel, and Busuu are using vocabulary-based Japanese learning methods. In this method, grammar rules are not taught and students associate words with pictures. In this way, we learn naturally with the objects used with words.

Learn Japanese Quickly When Mastering Rich Vocabulary

This approach can increase your vocabulary quickly using objects and pictures. It is possible to save money and travel time by using this method in traditional classrooms. These traditional classes can develop at their own pace. This is considered one of the simplest ways to learn Japanese.

Without a doubt anyone can improve their vocabulary using this method but this vocabulary is not useful for people who want to travel to Japan and who want to communicate quickly in Japanese. Although grammar isn't taught to find a program that supports students with basic Japanese grammar rules, speaking and writing can be expensive and many language learning software doesn't take these things seriously. this field.

Choosing the right method will make learning easier

Every method has its benefits and limitations, and every approach has a different purpose. When you decide to learn Japanese, you clearly define your learning goals. There are many effective methods of learning Japanese, but finding the right method for you is not easy.

Our advice is that you just do what you like to learn in the most fun and refreshing way, only then will learning really be effective for you, especially with a difficult foreign language. like Japanese.

Here are some tips for learning Japanese that you can refer to. To bring Japanese closer to us, let's share these effective methods and ways to learn Japanese!

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