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Professional conference and conference interpreting services not only help you to convey information clearly and accurately at meetings, seminars and business exchanges of the company but also at any conference.

1 Professional Conference - Conference Interpreter

IDichthuat has a team of professional conference interpreters in more than 100 different languages. We can arrange a team of interpreters for large events or just one interpreter for small meetings.

Professional Conference - Conference Interpreter
Professional Conference - Conference Interpreter

Our team of interpreters are experts in language translation and specialized terminology. Our conference-conference interpreters are not only professionally trained in language interpretation, but are also experts in specific fields. From biotechnology to engineering, our conference interpreters can translate all the technical terms you require.

We always make sure that you get the interpreter that best suits your conference theme. Moreover, we also always confirm the exact schedule of the conferences and prepare thoroughly. You can rent all the necessary equipment for the conference from us, we will come to complete the installation and make sure everything will work properly during the conference.

2 Ensure Content Is Delivered Correctly

When hosting an important conference or seminar with foreigners, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

From arranging speakers to welcoming guests, during breaks and serving meals; Organizing a conference is quite a challenge.

And what you care most about all of the above is whether the content you want to convey is translated and understood correctly, or when the guests return but they still do not understand the main content.

IDichthuat provides professional conference - conference interpreting services for any language, native speakers can interpret parallel or follow-up, serial translation. Moreover, all translation and interpretation services are guaranteed by us to be fast, accurate and quality.

3 Interpretation services for conferences and seminars of IDichthuat guaranteed

  • Professional and fluent translation
  • Accurate translation, no omissions
  • High quality conference interpreting equipment
  • Professional, accurate interpreters for all speakers
  • Experienced and professionally trained interpreters

4 Other Services Included

Other Services Included
Other Services Included
  • Translator microphone, interpreter headset
  • Cabins for interpreters
  • Signal generator
  • Audio speakers
  • Camcorders take pictures
  • The central processing unit helps to receive and transmit infrared signals

5 Those who need Interpretation Services for conferences and seminars

We are always dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in Conference Interpreting Services. We always adhere to the rules of ethics and professional responsibility. We provide the best Conference and Conference Interpreting Services in many fields, including:

  • Politic
  • Entertainment
  • Publish
  • Business
  • Medical
  • Biotechnology

In short, conference - conference interpreting service is an effective solution to help businesses, organizations and individuals convey information accurately and clearly at big events. However, to ensure the success and effectiveness of the event, your choice should be a reliable and reputable partner.

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