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Business website translation is a job that many businesses approach with a certain sense of anxiety. However, this is not a difficult job! Website translation is a great way to reach and attract new customers around the world. All you need to succeed is the right approach and support!

Website translation is an important business translation job, as a company's website is often the primary way of connecting with both new and existing customers. That's why it's so important to ensure that the translation is accurate and that the website's results reflect the high quality of the original. To this end, here are the top 5 website translation “tricks” to help your business ensure that your translation project goes well.

Note: The Reason Why Website Translation Is Not Simple

Website Translation Secrets For Business Accurate, Effective.

Customer Focus Not Every Language

With any translation project, it can be very easy to get caught up in focusing on the language. However, website translation is about connecting with new audiences, so that should be the heart of the project. Help customers keep in mind that it is possible to develop a website rather than about which language they want to read, see or hear information. With that, it's time to start researching!

Different cultures react in different ways to the same information. A clever marketing campaign that succeeds in one country can quickly fail in another if the concept isn't right. As such, understanding what motivates your customers and how to best communicate with them is an important part of the success of a website in another language. Should you sell publicity or not? Should the language be used simpler and more efficient? Such decisions will need to be included in the translation process so that the website has the most perfect quality for your target audience.


Some languages ​​use different characters. Therefore, you may need to confirm that the platform hosting the original language version of your website can support the additional language(s) you wish to publish in. Furthermore, you need to learn this at an early stage of the project, so that you can build a workaround if necessary.

Note: Summary of Effective Commercial Interpreting Methods

Avoid Automatic Translation

As a professional translation company with high standards, we recommend that you do not rely on automatic translation for website translation. Your website translation needs perfect quality so that will affect the experience each visitor has. Poor grammar due to automatic translation is not for a professional company website.

Map Out All Needs

Website translation is more than just translating the text on the homepage of that website. From your legal information to any videos you use on your website, you need to map out exactly what you need to translate in the first place. Remember that your blog posts or content marketing are just as important in other countries as in your own!

Once you map out the need, the translation agency can provide you with an accurate quote and realistic timeframe for the project. Adding items to a translation as the process progresses is a surefire way to see a translation's deadline, so it's clear from the start what you need.

Note: Everything You Need to Know About Product Localization

Content Localization

In addition to translating the website, you also need to localize it. Localization ensures that the content is relevant to the target audience. Such as changing the currency symbol and date and time format. Localization also extends to images, so make sure the images on the target language version of your website are appropriate for the new audience, as well as the ad copy.

Last words

With a proactive approach to planning, your company's website translation project can go smoothly and receive an excellent quality translation. Please contact the team Idichthuat to find more about!

Note: Translate Websites For Readers Not For Google To Read

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