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List of Top 4 Essential Skills for New Translators

Are you new to the translation process? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on translating your documents?

We understand that when you start your career and get a "job" small or big, you will find it difficult. We have prepared some small tips for you to help you gather the necessary information, necessary skills for new translators to apply to your upcoming language project.

When starting to receive a project you should know Essential skills for newbies to translate and do the following:

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1. Document translation language and translation quality

First, you should know which language you want to translate into.

Why is it important? – This sounds easy, but take a look Here's an example of why we mentioned this in the first place:

You have an English document in hand and you want to translate it into Spanish. There are many variations of the Spanish language: American Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Argentinean Spanish, Latin American Spanish or Spanish, etc…Let the Chinese language also you need to specify Chinese Simplified or Traditional Chinese... As for English, the most popular language today, you should determine whether the customer needs bilingual translation or not?

Next, you ask the client how quality translation is needed> Just reading comprehension or quality. Is the document used for advertising or marketing. Why is this important?

For example, if it is an advertisement or marketing material, it will need to be created rather than translated, the document requires specific skills and the translator is someone with experience in this particular field.

2. Text Format

You should also know the type of document you want to translate. “PDF” is not really the answer we are looking for here! A PDF file can be created from many different file types, so if you can provide detailed information about the original file format, it will be a lot easier to translate your document. Format the information as word document, Powerpoint, scanned document or perhaps InDesign.

3. Format and count words

Translators must have the necessary skills in word to have a beautiful translation in the eyes of customers as well as readers. In addition, you must refer to the market price, how to calculate money in a translation. Most projects Translations are calculated by word count. So a 50 page PowerPoint presentation with 3000 words will cost the same as a 2 page word document with 3000 words.

4. Deadlines

It's best to know your timeline and be able to give an estimate of when you'll finish the translated document. You will have to allocate a reasonable time to complete the project for the client before the deadline. Currently, most experienced people translate an average of 50 pages per day with 1 standard translation. Of course, this will depend on the complexity of the original file or the proofreading of the text. So you will need to keep this in mind when preparing some translation projects.

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With the above 04 Essential Skills for New Translators, you can become more proficient and perfect during your translation process.

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