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NEW DELHI…Asia's largest meeting on cancer began here Sunday with Indian Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao urging developing nations to step up the fight against the deadly health threat.
“Preventive aspects need to be enormously developed in developing countries which are faced with financial and technological problems, he said, while kicking off the week-long International Cancer Congress.
“Mobilisation of resources and organization and maintenance of medical machinery were the main problems faced by developing nations”, he said.
He said 600.000 new cancer patients were detected in India every year and added that more specialised centers were needed to combat the problem.
The conference, attended by more than 6,000 participants from 80 nations, has been organized by the Geneva-based International Union Against Cancer (UICC), the largest progressal non-governmental body of its kind.
The quadrennial meeting will focus on the treatment and prevention of cancer, which claims some 4.3 million lives every year, with developing countries accounting for some 70 persent of the deaths.
Experts also expect a stiff proposal against smoking, identified as one of the most serious health threats today.
Australian specialist and anti-smoking crusader Nigel Gray, the UICC president-elect, said 30 persent of cancer cases stemmed from tobaco.
Doctors say cancer affects 30 percent of HIV-positive sufferers who fall prey due to low immunity levels.

Translation vocabulary:

Asia: Asia
Meeting on cancer: conference on cancer, meeting to discuss cancer
Indian Prime Minister: Prime Minister of India
To urge: to urge, to urge, to try to persuade, to urge, to encourage
Developing nations: developing countries
To step up: to step up
The deadly health threat: a deadly threat to health

Sample English translation:


New Delhi, Asia's largest cancer conference, opened in New Delhi on Sunday, chaired by Indian Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, to urge developing countries to step up their fight against cancer. fatal risk to this health.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the week-long International Cancer Conference, the Indian Prime Minister said: “Preventive measures need to be implemented widely in developing countries. countries are facing financial and technical problems”.
"Mobilizing resources and organizing, maintaining the health machinery, these are the main problems that developing countries have to deal with," he said.
The Prime Minister said that every year 60000 cancer patients are detected in India, adding that more specialist centers are needed to fight the disease.

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The conference took place with the participation of more than 6000 delegates from 80 countries organized by the Geneva-based International Union Against Cancer (UICC), the largest non-governmental professional organization in the United States. this kind.
The conference, which meets every four years, will focus on the treatment and prevention of cancer, which “takes away: the lives of about 4 million people annually, of which about 4.3% in developing countries die. .
Experts also expect a firm recommendation against smoking, which is now seen as one of the most serious threats to health.
Australian expert and no-smoking campaigner, Nigel Gray, the newly elected president of the UICC, says 30% of cancer cases are caused by tobacco.
Doctors say that cancer "attacks" 30% of people who are HIV-positive due to low immunity.

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