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Spain -Vietnam

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MADRID – Spain and Vietnam plan to boost bilateral ties and sign a series of financial cooperation accords, the foreign ministers of the two countries, Javier Solana and Nguyen Manh Cam said at a joint press conference on Tuesday.

In a joint statement calling for greater ecenomic, trade, cultural, scientific and technilogical cooperation, the two ministers also said they were looking at opening ambassies in each other's countries.
The statement was issied at the end of the Vietnamese minister's visit. The first official visit to Spain by a Vietnamese foreign minister.

The statement also said Spain has promised 80 million dollars in credits to help Spanish firms interested in the Vietnamese market.


To boost: to raise, boost, strengthen
Bilateral: two sides bilateral
Tie: tighten
Financial cooperation: cooperation in finance
Accord: compromise
A joint press conference: a joint meeting
A joint statement : a joint statement
Economic: belonging to the economy
Economy: economy
Trade: belong to trade
Cultural: belonging to culture
Scientific: belonging to science
Technological: belonging to technology, engineering
To look at: to look at
Embassy: embassy
The first official visit: the first official visit
Vietnamese foreign minister: Vietnam's foreign minister
To promise: to promise
Credit: credit, loan money
Firm: enterprise, company, dealer
Market: market, market

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During a joint press conference held on Tuesday, the foreign ministers of Spain and Vietnam, Mr. Javier Solana and Mr. Nguyen Manh Cam, are expected to promote bilateral relations and sign a series of agreements. Agreement on financial cooperation between the two countries.

In the joint statement, the two sides called for a larger-scale economic, trade, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation. The two foreign ministers have also stated that the two sides are considering opening embassies in each country.

The statement was released at the end of the first official visit of the Vietnamese foreign minister to Spain.

The statement also said Spain promised to provide $80 million in credit to support Hispanic businesses with an interest in the Vietnamese market.

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