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Technical translation plays a very important role. It really doesn't take anyone in your industry to know the technical jargon you use to easily communicate complex ideas to colleagues and clients. If you're not a marketer, the idea of ​​"lead scoring" probably doesn't make any sense to you. If you're not in finance, then GAAP can leave a gap in your knowledge.

In almost every industry, there is a language that takes time and expertise to understand. This reminds those who cooperate with translation service providers to take note. If you require a translation that includes more than “insider voices,” you may need a specialized technical translator of your own.

What is Technical Translation?

As a company specializing in translation services, we always have a unique overview of technical translation. In a nutshell, it involves translating documents written by industry experts using specialized terminology. A professional technical translation service will help translators become more fluent in the requested languages. When you need to translate technical documents, an ordinary interpreter may not be able to provide you with the necessary details and terminology. If the interpreter is not an industry expert, they will essentially have to relearn all the new terms in order to go further in their work. This means that the process will take longer, there is a higher chance of inaccuracies, and can eventually lead to a burnout of your efforts.

What is technical translation?
What is technical translation? The importance of technical translation

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Why is Technical Translation Important?

Technical translation is a job that requires high skills and expertise. This is work that plays an important role in today's globalized world. Here are our five reasons why technical translation is so important:


Technical documents often contain terms with extremely abstract meanings. A common example is a product manual. If the instructions in question are detailed information such as installing a new machine from the factory or a complex piece of software, it is essential that the terminology is precise and consistent. The ideal translator when conducting work needs to know the meanings of specialized terms when encountering them.

Format Differences

It's not just words that a technical translator needs to know. In some countries, there are significant differences in the way information is formatted. For example, financial translators need to be aware that figures are not always presented in the same way.

technical translation

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Sometimes accuracy is more than simply conveying ideas correctly. It could be the difference between being true to the state laws there or not. Another type of document that technical translators are often required to proceed with is sophistication. A simple mistake in terminology can lead to the company losing its interest as well as its reputation. That makes customers not want to use the current translation service anymore. Just like an industry professional, a technical interpreter will understand the nuances of the legislation in the market in which the document is being translated. Therefore, make sure that you have done everything necessary when translating legal documents in a skillful and accurate way.

Cultural Shades

The terminology required for technical translation is complex. However, for effective technical translation, we not only know the exact meaning of the terms, but also meet the localization requirements. If you are already a good interpreter, you will at least understand the cultural nuances in the target language so that the information is conveyed with the right tone and accuracy. This is extremely important. For example, correctness in one language may be offensive in another.

Brand Awareness

As every marketing professional knows, the way your customers perceive your brand is based on everything. By working hard to get technical documents translated correctly, you will be rewarded with a level of respect and care for your customers. More than that, you've put in the time and effort to build a brand that you're proud of in your hometown. You want to be sure that this 'brand personality' will help you expand into larger markets. A technical translator will ensure this throughout the translation process.

We firmly believe that technical translation will be the most sought-after service and above all suitable for all industries. However, you don't always need it instead of a “standard” translation service.

Although it is more expensive than a “standard” translation service, it will bring many benefits to you when using it. Technical translation will add value and help avoid mistakes that may not be worth it. If you need fully completed technical translations, tools like translation memories and glossaries can also help reduce time and costs.

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We Are Technical Translation Specialists

If your company needs to translate technical documents, contact translation company Idichthuat to discuss your requirements. With thousands of professional translators worldwide, we cover all languages ​​of trade and industries from marketing to finance, from healthcare to travel. We can certainly provide your business with the highest quality and most reliable technical translations.

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