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Learn The Development Of The Current Translation Industry

Before we start talking more deeply about the evolution of the translation industry, you and Idichthuat We all agree on one thing, that with today's fast-growing globalized business environment and the fact that many people do not know another foreign language, especially English, then The demand for translation services is increasing rapidly. 

The Development of the Translation Industry

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Originally, translation is an activity that has existed at least when people started to develop exchange and trade activities, millennia ago, therefore, when we refer to translation, It would not be an exaggeration to say that the origins of this branch of language are older than that of written language.

And, the modern language industry grew rapidly with the advent of the internet. Its achievements include the ability to quickly translate long texts into many other languages. This has created new challenges for traditional interpreting activities, such as quality assurance. There are several quality standards such as EN 15038 in Europe and F2575-06 in the US.

There are many companies large and small in the language industry, and so far no one is more dominant in the world market.

The Development of the Translation Industry

The human resource for translation also has many different levels. Thanks to the connection of the Internet, from professional translators, students, language teachers, to professionals in other industries, all can participate in translation services. In addition, the increasingly popular form of assigning work to a group of people to conduct translation work on a large scale, has led to a lot of polemics (arguments between people involved in translation).

One of the areas of research in this industry includes the possibility that machines can completely replace the ability of humans to translate.

Finally, the economy is still in a state of uncertainty, but the translation industry is still a "hot" industry to start a business today. The remaining issue, is how much percentage of your energy you spend on this task.

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