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Can you tell the difference between Translation and Transcreation? For most people, translation and transliteration are quite similar.

Some people think Transliteration is just a fancy word for Translation. The truth is, they are two special terms and should be used for specific circumstances to yield the best results.

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Translation is the process of rendering words from the source language into the target language. The ultimate goal of translation is to ensure the meaning and accuracy of the source documents. During a translation task, the translator must ensure that the author's grammar, sentence structure, and sound remain identical to the words in the source file. Of course, some small changes can be made to avoid social nuances or cultural conflicts.

Translation is mainly used for business articles or life science/IT documents where accuracy is a priority. Translators are also required to have professional qualifications and a deep understanding of a particular field such as medical, legal, accounting or automotive.

Meanwhile, some translators want to express their creativity through their translations, especially for marketing or advertising campaigns. That's when transliteration does.

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What is transliteration?

One question may come to your mind Why bother moving the message when you can hire a copywriter to create a brand new message? Also ask. It can be more cost effective if you trust a copyist instead of a translator. But that's not the case.

Most clients expect the core meaning or feel of the source text to remain in the target translation. So it requires more than one copier. What is needed here is someone who knows both languages ​​as well as has a deep understanding of the target market to craft a message that gets the same response from the audience.

The difference between Translation and Transliteration

Transliteration is a step beyond translation. Transliteration is about understanding and feeling the spirit of the source text and then recreating it into a new language.

Transliteration is everything, but using precise grammatical structures or word-for-word translations of the source material. Creators are free to create unique, original and creative content as long as it evokes emotions and actions to engage brands from audiences.

Posts Compare the Difference Between Translation and Transliteration explained and pointed out some of the differences between translation and transliteration.

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