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The popularity of eLearning across the globe today means its adaptability in many different cultures. Therefore, translating eLearning effectively is a necessary work for easier adaptation.

Today there are many eLearning programs available, ranging from professionals, students to businesses large and small. The first mention of eLearning was in 1999 and since then it has become a very viable resource for online research or training. eLearning allows millions of people to acquire new skill sets remotely. Everyone can access and get certifications or degrees through Elearning. Moreover, this program also helps many corporations with headquarters and foreign offices around the world to train multi-ethnic employees.

eLearning is currently a huge industry in the world, worth more than $190 billion in 2018. Over the next six years, the eLearning industry is forecast to grow between 7% and 13%. In businesses, eLearning is predicted to grow by more than $30 billion.

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Many companies are investing in eLearning and leading to this industry growing stronger day by day. Elearning is convenient and accessible through electronic devices anywhere and anytime and cheaper than traditional learning methods. As the number of eLearning users is increasing, it is necessary to translate eLearning platforms to suit the needs of different languages ​​and cultures.

Benefits of eLearning

Change in life and work environment is inevitable and lifelong learning is one of the ways to effectively deal with these changes. In businesses, training is no longer provided to a select few. Training is now part of the workforce's mandate.

Businesses have recognized eLearning as the most effective way to train their employees. Programs offer a range of interactive technologies, animations and videos, providing learners with a more meaningful and engaging learning experience.

Furthermore, eLearning allows employees to train at their own pace, at home or at work. Since they are not required to leave their desks to attend training sessions elsewhere, they become more productive. Employees can be trained at the same time while the company saves a huge amount from transportation fees, training, administration, allowances and employee time off.

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eLearning Translation Process

Countries will benefit significantly from eLearning. Since the target customers of eLearning for global companies are from different cultures and speak different languages, translating the lectures is essential.

Translation offers eLearning course owners a good opportunity to reach their target audience and deliver a product that is easy to understand.
However, translating an eLearning program requires more than just translation. The company needs to have a plan as well as understanding of the cultural context of the course according to the target audience. Translation focuses on the non-verbal features of eLearning programs, such as cultural elements, color, format, semantics, and layout, and reflects the company's mission and values.

The eLearning translation process begins with the design of the main course. Below is the eLearning localization process.

Setting Translation Range

In this step, you need to determine how many languages ​​are targeted for the eLearning program. Furthermore, you will choose what to translate, as the content of eLearning modules these days comes in different formats.

It may have video presentations, program graphics, interviews or conversations; or animations and sounds that contribute to user engagement, hold the user's attention longer, as well as provide a better user experience.

Taking an inventory of the types and quantities of content to be translated will help you plan the process, establish the necessary resources, and determine the budget. Furthermore, the list allows you to have an idea of ​​the word count and the project timelines. You can also prepare audio or video files at this stage, if any member of the translation project team needs it.

Note: The Importance Of AI In Translation

Only Work With Professional Translation Specialists

The most important part of the eLearning translation process is finding the right professional translation experts. You need a number of experts to translate an eLearning program, from translators to language engineers to voice talent. They must be experts in translation and have the right tools to deliver projects efficiently, accurately and successfully.

Content Guarantee

The main work of translation is in this step. The extracted content will be carefully translated into the target languages. Designers of eLearning modules should see that the content fits the target culture. This means using appropriate images and color palettes and providing enough space to expand the text during translation into other languages. Original English text may be shorter when translated into French, Dutch or German. However, when translating into Japanese, Korean or Finnish, the text may be longer. You should also consider the graphics and user interface, such as navigation buttons. The translation team should follow the glossary and footnotes provided by the customer.

Note: Everything You Need to Know About Product Localization

Be Careful With References

Content for multilingual audiences should be carefully selected to ensure that the original message remains intact without disrespecting or offending other users. You should prioritize cultural sensitivity by ensuring that the translation uses the correct language.

Editing and Proofreading

Immediately after the translation is completed, the proofreading department will edit the content of the translation and re-align the translation to the original.

Technical Testing and Evaluation

The eLearning platform is tested to ensure that it works correctly after content integration. Platform validation and testing is an additional step used by professional translators to test how the platform works in new languages, before submitting projects for client review.

Customer Reviews About the Project

Translated eLearning content is sent to customers for review. The client should evaluate the translated version with a specialized specialist (SME). At that time, small and medium enterprises can make comments and suggestions for improvement or correction immediately. Feedback from customers and SMEs is sent to the translation team. This will help them to double-check the translated content for additional errors such as omissions, additions, corrections in meaning, grammar and spelling errors.

Note: The Difference Between Interpreters And Translators

Quality control

During the quality control phase, the translation team uses customer feedback and comments to ensure the quality of the translation. Everything will be verified according to the project instructions. All comments will again be evaluated for quality assurance. The quality control manager finds that the customer's instructions and glossary have been followed. The quality control suite includes necessary updates to the style guide and glossary. At this stage, any additional formatting is applied to ensure that the final product stays true to the original.

Last Test

Any additional formatting is applied to ensure that the finished product is true to the original. The quality controller finds that all products are finished and included in the finished product and that the eLearning program works smoothly in the selected platform.

Project Transfer

After a final round of testing to ensure that all the standards set at the beginning of the project are met, the finished product is ready for delivery to the customer. It will be sent to the customer in the agreed format and convention. At the same time, the translation team prepares an archive of all finished products delivered to the customer.

This is a typical and most modern eLearning translation process today. To ensure that your eLearning translation is accurate, you should hire professional translation companies whose teams are experts in the field. Furthermore, customers are advised to test the eLearning translation version themselves before launching it.

Why Idichthuat A Trusted Partner To Supplement Your E-Learning Programs?

The best way to ensure that you get a lot of ROI is to work with an eLearning translation company that has many years of experience and has a team of professional translators who are industry experts. You don't have to search for individual companies because Idichthuat have full experience to handle any type of eLearning translation project. Our team of eLearning translators are all native speakers. Contact us today or email us for 24/7 free consultation support.

1. Cooperate with a reputable partner to support the training of online curricula globally 

If you want to maximize the benefits of E-learning, contact us to develop and translate your programs. We have the unique advantage of being a language service provider as well as an e-learning and content service provider and can provide you with a truly comprehensive solution. When you work with us, you'll get high quality, fast completion times, and efficiency on the whole content.

Our involvement during the implementation of E-learning is nothing new. Our capabilities include instructional design, curriculum development, multimedia creation, audio/video content creation, and integration of online training programs. We can also assist in converting Flash to HTML for training programs as Flash has been gradually deprecated.

We can work on learning management systems (LMS's) with rapid development tools. In addition, we have a long history of creating online learning programs on topics such as health and safety, business skills, sales training, legal compliance, and other types of content. other technical content.

We develop training content at scale for multinational corporate training companies that deliver over 7.000 courses on our cloud platform.

2. The special skills of the experts of Idichthuat

  • Content Creation: Technical creation and illustration, instructional design, curriculum development, visual design, information and virtual reality applications.
  • Content development: Enhance voiceovers, subtitles, captions, animations, games, standards compliance, new feature modules and version and platform development
  • Convert content: Flash to HTML5, ILT and all formats for simulation-based learning.
  • Content translation: Content translation support for more than 100 languages ​​and dialects; XML expertise, for usable learning objects, certification programs, and learning management systems.
  • Content Storage: Custom learning platform managed by us to organize training courses, maintenance, user support and regular user activity reports.

3. Benefits of implementing training programs with translation services Idichthuat

a. Changeability and flexibility

These two benefits go hand in hand. Complementing E-Learning with us can quickly scale when there is greater demand. Furthermore, we can expand our services without having to hire additional staff. This staffing flexibility is especially important as requirements change during the year.

We cover all training needs and easily tailor resources accordingly. Help clients scale quickly by connecting to a global network of specialized experts and attracting the necessary resources.

b. Develope

E-learning content development is complex. Instructional design is paramount and involves identifying learning strategies to achieve optimal outcomes. In addition, it requires a relaxed environment and expert knowledge of instruction, which is what you will get when you partner with Idichthuat.

We provide our clients with end-to-end guided development services, from ideation through storyboarding, development, deployment, hosting and maintenance. We are experts at working with complex documents and making it easy to understand.

Through well-designed, interactive multimedia delivered by a team of experienced and talented multimedia staff working with industry-leading tools, we have helped our clients enable their target audience to Their goal is to easily visualize, understand and retain information. By working with a variety of systems and tools, we are equipped to adapt to technical issues, should challenges arise.

e-learning system to improve training quality at enterprises

c. Keep up with industry trends and access the best resources

In other companies, most of them may not have the time to research all industry trends. Similarly, you can't always get the latest and greatest tools.

Access E-learning resources and benefit from the latest trends by partnering with Idichthuat. We can make an E-learning program more engaging or help you discover and use new modalities, such as chemistry games, augmented reality or virtual reality.

We perform a range of cutting-edge services that adhere to industry best practices in adult learning design. Based on your needs, we can provide instructional infographics, interactive PDFs, simulations, virtual and augmented reality, CAD/3D and video games.

In addition, we partner with the world's leading companies, including major global network, hardware and software developers, global mobile device companies, delivery service companies, and more. leading, major global technology hardware manufacturer and leading consumer electronics company. Our experience working with a wide range of clients means that your training service will be on par with what others offer.

d. Effective

When providing E-learning services, we will take all necessary steps, including content creation and globalization. This is an efficient process because we create content in a way that makes it easier for it to be localized. The content is designed to be easily adapted to other languages.

Not only E-learning is prepared from a language perspective, graphics and other content are optimized for localization. We call this method globalize @SourceSM. This methodology is built into the training design and development process to best design content for a global audience.

e. Speed ​​and agility

When you work with us, you don't have to do piecemeal globalization and content creation. Streamlined processes will lead to faster overall turnaround times and require less management from your employees.

In addition, with a globally dispersed network of teams, we are able to maintain service virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And when we develop your E-learning program, we are very responsive because we are familiar with the learning program. When needed, we can refine content quickly and seamlessly.

f. More effective training, cost-effective and return on investment

The better your resources and the more resources you can provide, the more effective your training will be. The better your training results, the better your ROI.

We can help you identify the right strategies to best meet your overall training goals, leverage to support local development centers, and save through low-cost manufacturing . Through a variety of E-learning solutions, we enhance the development of training for learners and support retention and 'on track' of learning through intuitive design and instruction.

g. Simplicity in supplier relationships

When you partner with us, we simplify the delivery of our E-learning programs. You'll benefit from a more efficient, seamless process, faster turnaround times, and cost-effective solutions because of our ability to handle both content creation and translation.

Working with our team of experts, you will achieve the exceptional E-learning programs you set out to achieve.

H. Game optimization

Our team of experts have leveraged creativity and expertise to develop games for mobile devices globally to educate our customers' retail associates about their new devices. Games include single-user apps for smartphones, as well as team games in which teams compete for the most points. As per the client's request, we designed short but highly entertaining games so that associates can complete the training during working time.

i. Remote working solution

For a top-notch company, we designed an augmented reality app that harnesses E-learning technology to simplify instructions for replacing parts and stocking equipment-related materials. their. Breaking the barrier of what is possible in reality, users can actually see and interact with the internal structure of the device. They pick up their smartphones and the E-learning app prompts them with step-by-step instructions.

j. Global scope

When a major global tech hardware manufacturer came to us to globalize their training process, we developed a template from which to generate documentation for each region and language. Country-by-country, we consulted with regional groups to align the cultural focus and regional priorities while maintaining the company's overall training themes and goals .

In the end, our clients were able to give regional groups a voice in creating local goals – encouraging them to be interested in getting involved and moving towards success.

k. Terminal service

We are a globally recognized company, and our longtime partners have come to us to create, host and localize E-learning content across their various projects and departments. As a large multinational company that has worked on a wide range of projects and partnerships, they knew they wanted a simple solution and can count on us for all their online learning needs. their line.

When a leading global tech hardware manufacturer contacted us to localize a series of training videos, our team created a custom-built template that was easy to localize to the branches. different global branches.

While maintaining global training goals and the style preferences of our clients, we consulted with local groups to meet cultural and linguistic needs. In the end, our clients were able to balance regional and global goals and have their voices heard around the world.

4. Idichthuat is the perfect provider of training solutions and e-learning programs

We have been providing E-learning services to leading global companies for 15 years. Our repeated immersion demonstrates our excellence in designing and implementing engaging novelty, multilingual training programs.

We have developed courses and training experiences, as well as content. We have working experience and understand the development processes well. Exposure to a wide range of clients allows us to stay on top of leading industry trends and ensures that we deliver cutting-edge training.

If there are any technical issues, we are ready to fix the problem. We have experience in all major learning management systems, authoring systems and platforms (SCORM, xAPI, etc) and development best practices. Companies can trust that our learning modules will work in whatever system they choose to use.

Finally, we can scale to meet the exact training needs of our customers so they can get the most out of their training budget. Whether a company needs A to Z service or requires localization of training modules, we are here to help.

We work with major brands to break down barriers and forge new relationships around the world. Help companies connect with customers and employees globally by providing training data and localization services in multiple languages.

Through our platform, we arrange a network of passionate professionals at to create the best experiences. With a constant love for linguistics, we use the best of human and machine intelligence to create understandings tailored to our clients.

If you have any questions about the service or any related questions, please contact us immediately Idichthuat, we are ready to answer and best support.

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