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Japan has a lot of success in almost every aspect of the economy, attracting individuals, investors, businesses, tourists and students to come and experience it. Japan not only excels as one of the largest economies, but it is also one of the best centers of education today. Advances in science and technology, medicine, agriculture, construction, robotics, and more have also made Japan the destination of choice for education.

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Over the years, Japan has seen a large number of international students study in prestigious academic institutions. So many unique features that attract international students to Japan each year are:

  • Japan excels in the sciences, arts and humanities.
  • A conducive learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and resources.
  • Breakthrough in research, and
  • Committed to motivating and building student confidence.

These are a few of the highlights of the Japanese education system. You probably know two Japanese scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize for their breakthroughs in both chemistry and physics in 2002 – their names are Mr. Koichi Tanaka and Mr. Masatoshi Koshiba.

Another advantage of studying in Japan is the opportunity to experience the country's diverse culture with its colorful festivals, traditional food, music, fashion, and language. The Japanese are warm and very receptive, and you always feel at home.

Why Study In Japan?

Foreigners come to study in Japan for many reasons. We've covered some of the earlier parts of this article, but we've got a lot more to say in this list. Here are some other reasons why international students from USA, UK, Canada and other popular countries apply to study in Japan.

Personal Interests

Sometimes international students choose to study in Japan because of personal interests. Because they have relatives in Japan or an educational exchange program. In some other cases, they may be recipients of international scholarships to Japan.

It is also not uncommon to see international students coming to Japan have a sense of Japanese hospitality and also a change in the environment. As an international student in Japan, you can learn Japanese if you come from other continents like Europe and the United States. Students from Asian countries also seize such opportunities to familiarize themselves with Asian roots and gain a broader view and feel of Asian culture.

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Financial sources

You may find that international students spend a lot to get a proper education in another country. This is not the case for Japan as they have made commendable efforts to help international students. Some of the mechanisms they have in place include student aid, scholarships, educational grants, and other programs geared toward helping you achieve your dream of studying in Japan.

Increase Quality of Life

Being educated in Japan offers many opportunities for students (both domestic and international). At the end of your study program in Japan, you will definitely have priority in your studies and have an edge over your counterparts in schools other than Japan. So you will study in reputable educational institutions, driven by technological innovation and passionate to improve your technical skills & develop your personality.

Preparation When Studying Abroad in Japan

If you are planning and preparing to apply to study in Japan, you need to make sure that your academic documents are intact and meet the requirements of the school you are applying to. So get in touch with a degree assessment service provider.

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What is a Degree Assessment?

If this is your first time traveling in Japan, then maybe just take note of this. However, we will explain in a simple way about the assessment of qualifications.

Degree evaluation is to ensure that your academic and professional qualifications are accepted in another country. If you are going to study abroad in Japan, it is paramount that you check if your previous academic degree is accepted at the university or college to which you are applying. Degree assessment helps schools in Japan understand your education and how you plan to study abroad.

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No matter what language you speak and where you come from, we are here to remove any communication barriers that might hinder your academic ambitions of studying in Japan.

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Does Japan Offer Student Exchange Programs?

The answer to this is HAVE! Japan has made provisions for educational exchange programs available to students worldwide. These are all in line of efforts to encourage cultural exchange between countries across the globe. Japanese student exchange programs are designed to help international students speak Japanese fluently and understand their culture. From there, you can take part in cultural tours and other out-of-class activities.

Japanese student exchange programs provide the opportunity to visit Japan's beautiful scenery and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. You will also gain first-hand experience of how technological innovation has boosted the economy and made life easy and comfortable for residents and visitors.

Some factors you should also consider before applying for a study program in Japan are:

  • Regulations on entry and exit between your country and Japan
  • Your preferred course and if available where you are applying
  • Financial resources during your stay in Japan

Moreover how easily you can learn Japanese through intensive lessons to help you communicate in Japanese during your studies and also pass mandatory language tests such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Japan (JLPT) and Examination for Japanese University (EJU).

However, we still recommend that you question whether the university in your country or state supports educational exchange with Japan. This will help you with proper financial planning and help you avoid a financial crisis during your journey in Japan.

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