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Learning a foreign language besides talent, the persistence factor plays an important role in learning results. Especially difficult foreign languages ​​like German. German vocabulary is divided by gender, many long words, complicated grammar, especially it takes time to understand them all. 

Before you decide to learn and study the German language, it is important to ask why you need to learn this language and how can they benefit your life? Let's refer to offline!

Why Learn German?

It's fun to communicate with German speakers to learn new things in their country

Knowing German creates business and employment opportunities. From an employer's point of view, you will have a competitive advantage over candidates with similar qualifications, but who do not speak German. If you are in international business, you should know that many Germans are very successful in doing business all over the world, but when it comes to doing business at home they prefer their native language. As the saying goes: "Germans sell in English, but they buy in German." Once you are clear about your language learning goals, you will be able to come up with a better strategy for learning German.


Learn German Effectively
Learn German Fast But It's Very Effective If You Know How

Everything is easy when traveling around the world

German is more widely spoken in Europe than English. In Europe, today more and more people speak German and use it as a mother tongue. It is true that not only Germans speak German, but this is also the main language of some Bulgaria, Finland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, Northern Italy… So if you know German, you will have many chance to make friends with nearly 120 million people around the world.

German-speaking countries have a rich cultural heritage. Germany is often called the land of poets and thinkers. German is the language of Goethe, Nietzsche. Kafka, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Einstein, Kant, Freud... Today, 18% of the books in the world, 8 million domains on the Internet are written in German.

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Tips to Learn German Effectively – Should Apply Immediately

Only when you clearly understand the purpose of language learning can you come up with a better strategy for learning German on your own. Here, we will give some effective study tips. Let's find out together!

Let's create a natural learning environment. And learning new words is no longer a problem 

When you see German grammar, stay calm and don't fret. The German language will become easier once you learn the basics. Most languages ​​of the world have masculine or feminine nouns. German makes them better and adds a third gender: neuter. The masculine definite article (“the”) is der, the female is die, and the neuter form is das. 

German speakers have had years to figure out if wagen (car) is der or die or das. It is der wagen, but for those who are new to the language, it is not easy to know which form to use. If you learn words in their context, communication barriers can be easily broken down with complete confidence. This concept is valid for all aspects of German whether it is article-noun linkage, sentence structure in subordinate clauses and usage in clauses.

The Fastest Way to Learn German
How To Learn German Fast To Help You Communicate With Germans

Learn important verbs that will help you become more fluent in using German

There are many important verbs that are used with infinitives such as must, perhaps, should and could, which help to express ideas such as obligation, desire, permission and possibility. If you learn these verbs at the first stage, you will have a good chance of mastering them from the start. Moreover, if you learn this conjugation with the most commonly used words, you can express a lot of things.

For example, if you learn the verbs Gehen (to go), Spielen (to play) and lernen (to learn), you can communicate well. With infinitives like konnen (can) and mussen (must/must), you can also conjugate verbs in the past tense like: I could play football (yesterday).

Furthermore, you can add the adverb accrual in the future: I can play ball later. By learning important verbs and adverbs with conjugation, vocabulary grammar and prepositions will help you to overcome communication gaps and you will be able to use full sentence association in German.

Gender hierarchy in German language learning. It sounds difficult but it will be easy if you master its rules

There are three genders used in German as masculine, feminine and neuter. There are 16 different ways to describe nouns, and there is no particular reason to determine which nouns are Der, Die, and Das. Memorize these points;

  • Masculine (Der) nouns always end in ein.
  • Feminine nouns (Die) always end in eine.
  • Neuter nouns (Das) always end in en.

If you learn the gender knowledge system, the process of learning German will be easier.

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Creating a miniature Germany in your home will improve your German

Why is it important to live in Germany to learn German? There are tons of different ways to learn no matter where you live. Some ways to create an environment for learning German are:

  • Use your phone and computer with a German interface

Immerse yourself in German, turn everything in your life into German, and you will progress incredibly quickly. Turn wasted time using social networks into something useful using the interface, phone ,facebook, Instagram .. in German. You will learn a lot of new words and how to use them. This is an effective method that anyone can do

  • Communicate with German natives living abroad and join some German communities

Yes, that's right! The ultimate aim of learning German is to be able to communicate, speak and understand Germans. Find a German and hang out with them.

  • Watch German news and movies with subtitles (to create a memory buffer in your memory)

Choose your favorite movies, be it science documentaries or even cartoons. Suggest you a few sites, such as ARD Mediathek or Amazon Prime Video. The two sites above are sources of quality German movies with subtitles, but you will have to pay a monthly fee for this service.

  • Build a habit of reading German books 

You can find documentation from LingQ. In addition, the comics are also quite interesting. Most of the young people are very fond of them. So why not satisfy your passion and learn German at the same time!

  • Listen to German Music and Podcasts

  • Use some language tips and apps to learn German

Have you wondered what language tips are? Language tips are methods to learn German (or any other language) quickly. Take a look at a few language tricks that can aid you in learning German.

  • Spaced repetition system: SRS system helps to memorize vocabulary and phrases. This is a popular trick to increase your German vocabulary.
  • Use mnemonics: it helps you associate and recall German words easily. For the use of Mnemonics, you should keep a relaxed mind, use your imagination and association.
  • Study the Pomodoro Technique: this method suggests that learning in a small amount of time increases learning capacity and is an effective learning method.

To learn German, you should try to speak German words from the beginning to use the language better using whatever you have learned so far. In this digitized world you can find German speakers online and offline. You can also use some apps for this purpose:

  • italki browser: you can find german native speakers in this app. This is a very economical app compared to other private and face-to-face apps and you can use it at your home.
  • in this app you can meet German people from all over the world. You can also use the brochure surfing provided to connect with German learners and speakers.
  • HelloTalk app: You can install the HelloTalk app on your smartphone. This app helps you connect with other language learners from all over the world, and you can also practice your German speaking skills by interacting with them in conversation.

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Learn German in a Short Time - You Can Communicate Well
In Just A Short Time You Can Learn German Very Well

As we mentioned above, in addition to aptitude, the persistence factor plays an important role in affecting learning results. English and German are both similar, in vocabulary and grammar, as they share the same German roots. So, for English speakers, learning German is quite easy. For those who don't speak English, they can learn German with little effort. Many language apps and tips can be used to make the language learning journey easier and more comfortable.

Therefore, in the current digital age, many German translation companies are also working hard to provide you with accurate and complete translation services. Have you decided to learn German (on your own) or want to hire professional German translation services for this purpose? Choose one that's worth your time.

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