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Revealing Top 4 Tips When Writing CVs For Translators

In the content of this article, idichthuat would like to provide some tips to make your resume more attractive. First of all, no CV is perfect. Some translators have not graduated from university but they have earned over 1000 USD as a freelancer or for a translation company.

Guidelines for writing CVs to recruit professional translators

+ Note: How To Become A Successful Translator

Each line of your CV should help build information about the experience you have while working in the translation industry and the value you will add to the company after they hire you. This is your chance to express yourself and move on to the next step, the interview!

Here are 4 tips when writing a CV for translators:

1. At the beginning of your CV: write a short paragraph that says why would you fit with the company I am applying for.

2. List summary of qualifications on your CV, showing how many years of industry experience you have, how proficient you are at using computers, extracurricular courses attended, and an additional 1-3 asterisks on communication skills. and your ability to work as a team.

3. Include your professional experience on your CV because this is an opportunity to show the company your deep knowledge in this field. Make a list of the units with which you have worked with date information and indicate all the languages ​​that you are proficient in translating.

4. At the end of your CV, give information about education and professional training courses, such as the names of the schools you attended, and all the translation certificate that you have.

This is also advice for those who intend to submit CVs and positions translation recruitment of the idichthuat in:

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