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Benefits of joining association of professional translation companies

IDICHTHUAT proud to be the leading unit in the field of translation in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and other provinces. And most proud of all, we have joined the association of professional translation companies in Vietnam. and abroad. What are the benefits to a translation company being a member of an international professional association?

  • Represent and promote the interests of translators and interpreters Many professional associations participate in discussions on translation and interpretation. Moreover, they can participate whenever seminars and business connections at home and abroad affect the development of a service industry. .
  • Information about new developments in the translation business.
  • Education: regularly Professional associations often hold seminars and/or conferences on topics that are important to their members, allowing them to improve their language and business skills and stay up-to-date the latest developments in business.
  • Connect with other translators and interpreters. Membership in a professional association gives you the opportunity to meet translators and interpreters, at meetings of local chapters or at seminars or conferences organized by the association.
  • Professional Services: Many professional associations offer professional services such as business models, professional insurance, debt collection services and legal advice, free or at a discount, and are tailored to the translation profession. art.
  • Searchable Formal Members Professional associations often have searchable databases of their members, which potential customers can use to find service providers.

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Can anyone become a member of a professional association?

The answer is “No” as all professional associations have minimum requirements for membership. For translation associations, translation members must send copies of company information and business documents for review within 3 months of the amounts specified in the regulations to consider whether the translation company is qualified. ability to enter or not.

In case of approval, you still have to pass 3 months of testing whether your business is capable of meeting the requirements of a member of a professional translation association.

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