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Translation is a profession that many people follow. Because in addition to being able to work in a dynamic and creative environment, the income with the translation profession is very high. However, risks in translation can still occur that people often call these risks. "occupational accident".

And occupational accidents are inevitable in all professions, but occupational accidents in the translation industry are unpredictable, difficult, unpleasant and sometimes pitiful and reprehensible.

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Common accidents in the interpreting profession:

Interpreters recommended for replacement, reasons

Poor translation, too harsh voice, style, attitude, dress.. There is no other way is that no matter how embarrassed, how frustrating, you still have to happily accept the work ethic. Check the work in advance and prepare well, that's the lesson to be learned;

• The interpreter was stopped by the speaker/audience midway to correct the translated information.

This is the case that happens most often, many speakers/audiences, even though they are proficient in foreign languages, still have to use interpreters according to the requirements of the job and if the translation is wrong, not killing intent, may be stopped. and remind in a friendly or annoying way… In any case, if you have not been fired from your position, you need to calmly translate and be more careful;

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• The interpreter had to cancel the translation due to subjective errors

Illness, sudden loss of voice, forgot preparation documents…

Just search on google, a future interpreter will see no shortage of types of accidents, "lost face", "brand" is seriously affected, "image" is damaged... the consequences of accidents. job.

Start by preparing well for a passionate, challenging career. Imagine yourself being invited as an interpreter for a big event, and being able to “dance” with a foreign language- “play” with your mother tongue artistically… You are the one who really conveys a wonderful message. deliver the most important messages to the audience.

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No matter what job we do, we often encounter occupational accidents, which are an inevitable part of life. However, translation is a specific industry, mistakes made can cause great consequences. Therefore, we need to minimize regrettable mistakes, whether objective or subjective. This will create the prestige and brand of each translation company.

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