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Medical Research Translation Service

Medical research covers many fields, from toxicology to pharmacology [...]

Translation about COVID-19: What role does translation play in the midst of the pandemic

Most of the translators around the globe are usually people who don't have to leave [...]

Translation of Life Science Documents

Translation service of life science documents Idichthuat bring knowledge [...]

Sample Transcript Translation English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian

List of Translation Samples of English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian Translation [...]

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List of High School Translation Samples in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, [...]

Learn to Wait in the Freelance Translation Industry

You've just decided to go freelance as a [...]

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Is culinary translation an art or a science? Food is one of [...]

Prestigious – Accurate Math Translation

Mathematics is the "queen" of all sciences. Furthermore, mathematics is [...]

Accurate Transcript Translation

To be able to study abroad or work at a multinational [...]

Document Translation Specializing in Computer Science

Translation of Computer Science Documents By the 21st century, the revolution [...]

Fastest Biotechnology Translation

Biotechnology is a high-tech field based on [...]

Accurate Translation of Graduate Documents

Accurate Graduate Document Translation Graduate is a form of training for [...]

Notarized Translation of Application for Study Abroad – International Student Visa



Literature or books are indispensable documents in life [...]

Learn to translate English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English

Translation is a difficult skill in learning foreign languages ​​in general and [...]

Translation of Dissertation - Thesis - Master - MBA

Master's theses - MBA are considered scientific research [...]

Translation of Chinese Literary Works

Translation in general is not easy. But any translation work [...]

Quote for Accurate Pharmaceutical Translation Services

In today's context, when borders between countries expand and [...]