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Choosing the best translation agency is not a simple process. You can simply do a Google search and select one of the top results. It can be an important process that requires meticulous examination and a full knowledge of what interpreting is like. If you are thinking of looking for translation services for any purpose, consider the following tips and recommendations.

1. What do you need?

As mentioned, you can't find the best option if you can't determine what you need. Before you conduct a search and list of translation companies, check the specialization and other professional information first. Ask the following questions:

What kind of interpreter do you need? Is it parallel or chase interpreting? Do you need an on-site or over-the-phone interpreter? Or is a remote video interpreting service a more appropriate solution to use? These are the things you need to take into account so that you can ask about the expertise and experience of the experts company you are considering. Some companies do not have the relevant expertise and experience in both types of interpretation.

What is the nature and specialty of the translation work? If you need interpreter for a technical conference, interview or meeting, it just means you hire someone with the right experience and qualifications. This will be an important detail to take into account as you examine your options.

What language pairs are (are) required? You have to pay attention to the languages ​​that will be used. Don't expect language service providers to be fluent in all languages. Also, keep in mind that being able to provide interpretation services for certain languages ​​does not equate to competence. Carefully evaluate the relevant language abilities and experience of the companies you are thinking of hiring for.

You need to clarify the technical aspects of the translation work. You may also want to coordinate with other parties with whom you will be dealing. They may have a requirement for an interpreter to be used in a conversation, negotiation, discussion, or conference.

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2. Terms And Conditions Of Service

Dealing with a translation agency means dealing with a business. As such, you must be clear with the terms. You cannot treat the sending interpreter like a slave or an ordinary assistant. You have your expectations and the service provider has limits on what they have to do. They may work overtime for you unless the contract specifically states so. If you need an interpreter with flexible hours, that needs to be clearly stated in the service agreement.

The service contract terms are not only for the benefit of the interpreter service provider but as a guarantee for the client. It defines what the client can demand from the interpreter, so if the latter fails to do what they are supposed to do, the client can sue for breach of contract and claim damages. corresponding.

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Furthermore, the specifics of the service should always be clearly stated. Whether it's an hourly rate or a one-time payment package, everything should be agreed in writing. Wages are for overtime and termination fees should also be stated.

Failure to have clear written terms for a service can easily lead to problems, which can exacerbate major problems. Professional interpreters can be adept at interpreting, but there are many schools that don't follow some typical pattern. Clients can expect interpreters to use a specific tone, tempo, rhythm, or even voice transmission to match the speaker. All must be specified in the contract.

3. Devices and Software

Interpreters don't always have interpreters standing or sitting between the two sides to interpret what each of them is saying. There may be cases when special equipment and accessories are needed. For example, interpreters working at the United Nations are provided with microphones and headsets so that they can clearly hear the source sound and have their voices transmitted to the appropriate recipients. For conferences, some participants may be provided with portable systems also known as “whisper” systems, so they can immediately hear the translator's voice output. song. To connect with interpreters, microphones to speakers or headphones used by the intended subjects, wireless receivers are often used.

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Anything wired can cause problems. It is impractical to connect headsets or headsets by wire to countless delegates in one conference. A wireless system is a great option, and something that interpretation service companies serving large events should be familiar with.

Reputable interpreters have their own equipment and can set them up in the optimal arrangement for the benefit of all parties. They should also take sound tests before starting the actual interpreting work. Equipment failure and inadequacy are unacceptable.

In some cases, translation software or some voice conferencing software may be required. This software is for performing interpretation over a conference call, where the interpreter acts as a third party providing parallel verbal translations to two other people. Interpreting software can be a mobile application like Day Interpreting, conveniently connecting people with professional interpreters anytime, anywhere.

4. Experience or Training?

Interpreter training or experience are both important. When hiring an interpreter, you must consider both. An experienced but inadequately trained interpreter or a well-trained but inexperienced interpreter is not enough.

Paying for the services of an interpreter should come with the assurance that the interpreter knows what needs to be done and follows the terms and conditions of the service contract. Training makes interpreters fully familiar with the processes and requirements of most clients. On the other hand, experience helps them adjust to the needs and preferences of their clients and more importantly can adapt to the conversations or speeches that need to be translated. Both are very important and cannot be reduced to a lower priority when scrutinizing an interpretation service provider.

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5. Review

First of all, you should check their security information and previous customer list. These will help you determine their level of professionalism and (in some respects) the quality of their work. However, you need more than these to find the right translation service company. You need to do an interview or personal interaction with the interpreter you need. You can ask them to show for evaluation the following:

  • The interpreter has a clear voice: The interpreter who will work with you may be very intelligent and experienced, but their voice may not be easily understood possibly due to a natural accent or a foreign accent that is not pleasant. Or their voice may not be to your liking.
  • Speaking speed: An interpreter should not speak so quickly that it is difficult to understand, but they should also not speak so slowly that they become out of step with those who say they must translate.
  • Proficient in interpreting complex messages with optimal brevity: Competent interpreters know how to convey a message in as few words as possible without affecting the message and disregarding the context. If an interpreter trying to translate long verbal messages can actually be translated with fewer words, you need to look for other options. Experienced professional interpreters do not translate as they hear every word. Instead, they try to listen to the entire message first or predict what the speaker will say before they interpret.
  • Interpreter attitude: This is not about the interpreter's face, skin color or other characteristics. This is about giving a professional appearance and avoiding excessive gestures and unnecessary movements.

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6. When to Order

Interpretation is different from written translation. It doesn't give translators the luxury of time to come up with the most contextually accurate translations, make careful decisions about word choice, and tweak the translations to improve as much as possible. An interpreter must quickly produce verbal translations, especially when performing parallel interpretation.

However, don't expect the interpreter to be superhuman. Even the best interpreters rarely produce the best interpretations all the time. Generating accurate interpretations is a difficult task and interpreters can use some time to prepare, especially for important events such as major events for government agencies. and international organisations. That's why if you want to book an interpreter, don't do it at the last minute. This is one of the common mistakes made by people who require interpreter services.

Interpreters for courtrooms, medical conferences, or scientific events, for example, need some time to get used to the jargon and facts that will be discussed at the event. You can find interpreters who can do that at some point, but don't expect them to deliver the best results.

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Don't be in a hurry to choose an interpreter right away. Take the time to examine your options and consider the above. This doesn't mean you have to skip express services to connect with an interpreter. These services are also useful, but are generally not applicable to events where the interpreter must be given ample time to prepare.

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