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Watching videos is one of the best ways to improve your “Mandarin” listening skills when you are not living in China. By watching videos, you can not only learn new words and hear different accents, but also know more about Chinese culture. The advantage of these channels is that they all have Chinese subtitles (and in fact most of them also have English subtitles), so you can not only listen but also try to read simultaneously and record what you thought to be interesting… Thus, your reading and writing skills will also improve.

In this article, you will find 6 entertaining Youtube channels that will help you improve your Chinese and understand more about modern Chinese society.

Top 6 Youtube Channels To Help You Learn Chinese Effectively


This funny Youtube channel is created by a group of multicultural people currently living in China. In their videos, they like to compare the cultural differences between Western countries and China. Also, a lot of their videos show you what it's like to be a foreigner living in China. The content is a mix of English and Chinese, really suitable for beginners (but advanced learners who have lived in China will also enjoy these videos and find them very easy to understand) ).

A fact: The famous expression “马马虎虎 mǎmahǔhǔ” means “so be it”, “careless”. It is often learned by Chinese beginners.

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Jared is a young person from Canada living in Shanghai. He is very funny and his Chinese is one of the ideal “models” for you to learn. Many of his videos have been used to compare life as a foreigner when he first arrived in China and after living in China for 10 years. Like Mamahuhu, he also has content that compares the differences between Western and Chinese cultures such as childhood or university life. Although Jared is not a native, he is still a great person to help you improve your Chinese skills as his Mandarin is already good.


這群 人 (zhè qún rén), a.k.a. “This Group Of People”, is a popular Taiwanese Youtube channel that is rich with a lot of funny content. Their most famous videos show different situations occurring in different moments in their daily lives. For example, going to the grocery store or dealing with a phone scam. Comedians all have great acting skills and are extremely funny. Also, all of their videos have English subtitles.

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If you are really interested in Mandarin, you will love Kevin in Shangai. Kevin enjoys meeting people from different parts of China, to relax, to talk about the Chinese language and to compare different accents, dialects or slang. In terms of content, Kevin's videos are perfect and all with English subtitles.


鸡 脖子 jī bongzi GNeck (meaning chicken neck, a famous dish in China), is a Taiwanese channel known for its popular video about “10 types of annoying people”. It reveals hilarious stereotypes about annoying people we might encounter in everyday life like on the bus or at the gym. With a fairly fast voiceover and no English subtitles, this channel is perfectly suited for all advanced learners.

6. LIT

LIT (wǒ auntie hi piò shídái) is a really entertaining Youtube channel where American Born Chinese (Chinese Americans) do different challenges in Chinese or react to movies , popular song or show in China. By watching their videos, you can learn what Chinese life is like abroad. This video is perfect for beginners as well as overseas Chinese, everyone will find it funny and really easy to understand.

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Youtube is definitely your “best” friend, helping you improve your language skills, even while relaxing in bed or taking the subway on your way to work or school. When watching videos in a foreign language, it is easy to get frustrated when the content is too complicated and difficult to understand. However, most of the videos listed above offer not only Chinese but also English subtitles, which can definitely encourage you to keep watching and practice in your daily life.

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