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Some say the best time to expand internationally was 10 years ago and we think the second best time is definitely today. You should dive into this list of proven business tips for growth, and we guarantee that you'll wish you'd read it sooner.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities in the market and will not hesitate to seize any opportunity if it comes up. The idea of ​​expanding internationally with your business may not be entirely new, but not many business owners have taken the time to understand the dynamics and all that is involved in this massive transition.

We'll try to give you highlights and tips on how to get your business into the global spotlight most conveniently without exposing your brand to the risks. risk can be avoided. Before we dive into the main aspects of this topic, let's quickly understand the basics of what's involved.

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Definition of Global Market Expansion

As businesses continue to grow in the local market, business owners seek to tap the broader market for a variety of reasons such as avoiding the seasonality of local sales, the growth and recognition of local markets. brand and most importantly maximize profits.

Other advantages of international expansion are:

  • Expand sales of products, brands and services by introducing them to new markets.
  • Reducing dependence on the local market, businesses avoid changes in demand and economic fluctuations.
  • Finally one can see that the international market can be less competitive with rapid growth. Furthermore, demand varies between countries and consumers, and businesses may be surprised by products that have not performed well locally, thriving internationally.

When is the right time to consider international expansion?

Deciding whether to go global can be a daunting task. However, the right guidance and the right knowledge will make your transition a smooth one.

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Factors To Consider Before Global Expansion

As for international expansion, there is no one size fits all. Every business is unique, and the approach is different. For small or emerging businesses, international expansion can disrupt a lot of the activities and operations they are already doing while an established business will get a head start if they find a place to go. suitable. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision when thinking about the global expansion of your business.

Before you decide to move your business abroad and tap into new market terrain, you must ensure that you have the right information and metrics at your fingertips. You need to understand the impact the decision will have on your business and be prepared for any challenges that may arise.

A great way to start is to do a product gap analysis. Product gap analysis helps you identify local products where you are at the top and also find out if there is a need to be filled (by your brand).

Other standard analysis includes SWOT analysis, key market and opportunity size. All of these make up a market segmentation analysis; determine if your product will be accepted by the intended or target market.

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Designing a Results-Based Business Strategy and Plan

Like we mentioned earlier, every business is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. Your strategy should consider several key factors that will propel your business towards success and growth. Likewise, your business plan should reflect your goals and how you intend to get the best results from your international expansion.

Some Factors To Include:

  • A clearly defined set of goals. Set realistic goals in short, medium and long term strategies.
  • State the success metrics and costs/benefits of implementing international expansion.
  • There is a business model that defines the business structure across all levels and stages of the business.
  • Last but not least, you should have a top-down budget analysis, execution mechanism, and commit date.

The Team Is Always Ready

Team readiness is critical and should be carefully considered before taking your business global. If you can get senior and experienced members from the parent company to do this. This helps businesses move quickly instead of having to build a new team from scratch. That process will definitely consume a lot of time and resources.

Products Always Ready

Product readiness is determined by the results from your initial product gap analysis. That helps you achieve the desired impact in the market and achieve your goal of international expansion from the start of making a profit! You should also take the time to evaluate the services and make sure they are not too fake and will ultimately have a high impact on your potential customers.

Also, be sure to reassess government and industry regulations. This check gives your brand credibility and serves as proof that you are committed to providing the best services by following the rules. Another important aspect of your product readiness plan is obtaining a patent or trademark. Plus, explore product localization opportunities.

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Ready From the Organization

This is also another important factor to consider. Before you move past this stage, however, make an effort to start a quality testing process to help determine how your brand performs against local standards.
Distribution and logistics networks are also important in maintaining a strong presence in the international market.


Your organizational readiness should take into account differences in culture (such as language), customs and local policies. Your company policy should be flexible and reflect the motivations of your employees. Other important factors to consider are Legal, Tax and Financial Readiness and establishing healthy relationships with local businesses.

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Importance Of International Marketing Service Vụ

As businesses continue to expand their reach in the global market, one must consider the ease of implementing strategies. Taking your business abroad depends on the ease and availability of efficient shipping, communication and logistics.

As part of your organizational preparation, cultural factors also play an important role in determining how long your business will survive abroad. You should consider hiring an international marketing services specialist who has the broad view to guide your way through potential barriers that could hinder your business expansion.

International expansion offers great opportunities to meet new customers, increase sales and bring in more profits. The services of an international marketing company will help you by protecting your interests and avoiding losing your money. Professional international marketing services will help you with a viable go-to-market strategy including pricing, marketing and support in other areas of your business.

The key to successful international expansion is understanding the process and meeting the right people. So stick to the plan and what is working for you.

Effective Methods To Optimize Global Marketing Campaigns

Using the GPS system

 When you use GPS, only your departure and destination points are fixed. All roads, turns and modes of transport are subject to change as new data is updated – optimizing the route available during your trip. Savvy drivers will periodically reload their GPS devices to get to their destination in a better – faster – smarter way.

The new global digital marketing environment requires a similar approach. Clear starting and destination points, continuously measuring and analyzing data flows to be ready to pivot from tried paths to better methods.

It can be said that if anything is constant for marketers, it is certainly change. That is to them nothing is forever, everything will change. Marketers are burying themselves in ever-expanding tools and technologies to solve a multitude of problems. Over the past year, describes 6.829 marketing technology solutions available graphically, and this is a 27% increase from the 5.381 solutions listed in 2017.

The best marketers choose to work like GPS. They understand where they come from and where they want to go. However, they will also be baffled by the latest tools and information from SEO to content marketing to voice search.

  Creating a Balance Between Local and Global

Global marketers continually draw a clear dividing line between these two priorities: staying consistent with their core brand and refining messaging to fit local markets. Although, information such as in the article from The Guardian that English is "ruling the planet" it is also important to talk to global customers in their local language. 

According to the 2018 Common Sense Advisory report, global consumers still prefer to make purchases in their native language. While the handful of ads created for the US market have resonated globally, this is a real challenge.

Protecting brand consistency is key, especially for a globalizing company. However, marketers need to be aware that different words, phrases and images will have different meanings and receptions in different regions. If the goal is to connect with customers on a personal level, it's important to keep their cultural context in mind.

To optimize global campaigns, marketers need to systematize the core essence of a brand: evoke the emotions, images that enliven the brand, and the values ​​that drive the brand. Next comes working with local partners to ensure these essences are brought into the lives of consumers in local markets to create lasting personal connections globally.

Cut Costs, Complexity, and Centralize Operations

Global marketers may find that strategies and plans can be hindered by increasing complexity from available resources, constraints, and customer experience. That can be a burden that marketing departments face in order to operate efficiently, cost-effectively.

Where possible, global marketers should centralize operations to overcome complex problems and cut costs. 

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