Translation is a difficult skill in learning foreign languages ​​in general and English in particular. Language conveys people's thoughts, feelings and emotions. When translating, it is necessary to pay attention to how to translate accurately and faithfully to the original while still keeping the author's intention, that is, to achieve 3 requirements: truth - goodness - beauty.

Learn to translate English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English

In order to help you improve your English-Vietnamese translation skills, we would like to introduce the book "Instructions for reading and translating English - Vietnamese newspapers". This is a very good translation document that we recommend you read.

Instructions for reading and translating English - Vietnamese newspapers

The lessons in this book revolve around two main topics: Practice translating English - Vietnamese , and improve English vocabulary.

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At each lesson will focus on a number of key topics such as: International news, economy, education - health, culture - society, science - technology, law... will continuously put the lessons in the book on the web for you to learn effectively on your own.

We hope that the knowledge in this book will help you to improve your English in general and to present yourself degree English translation speak on its own.

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