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In the context of increasingly widespread globalization, professional translation plays a key role in connecting cultures and markets. In IDichthuat, we are proud to be a pioneer in developing and applying the most advanced translation evaluation solutions. This article will introduce our top 10 solutions in detail, focusing specifically on the Review Plus and Term Plus platforms.

The Importance of Translation Evaluation in the Digital Age

Before going into the details of the solutions, let's take a look at some important statistics:

  • The global translation market is expected to reach a value of 46,21 billion USD by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2,1% from 2020 to 2027 (Source: Grand View Research, 2020).
  • 75% of consumers globally prefer to buy products in their native language (CSA Research, 2020).
  • Translation errors can be hugely damaging to businesses, with 35% of customers stopping purchasing from a brand after encountering poorly translated content (Common Sense Advisory, 2019).

These numbers show how important it is to ensure translation quality, and that's exactly why IDichthuat constantly innovate translation evaluation solutions.

Solution for evaluating translation quality

Review Plus: Comprehensive Translation Review Platform

Review Plus is the heart of the translation review system at IDichthuat. This is a proprietary platform developed based on years of experience and feedback from customers.

Outstanding features of Review Plus:

  • Intuitive interface: Easy to use for both beginners and experts.
  • Multi-language support: Supports more than 100 language pairs.
  • AI integration: Use artificial intelligence to detect errors and suggest improvements.
  • High security: Ensure data safety with end-to-end encryption.

Measurable effectiveness:

  • Reduce evaluation time by 40% compared to traditional methods.
  • Increase translation accuracy by 30% after applying Review Plus.
  • 95% of customers are satisfied with the evaluation process (Internal survey IDichthuat.

Term Plus: Revolutionizing Terminology Management

Term Plus is the latest addition to our translation review ecosystem. This feature integrates seamlessly with Review Plus, providing many significant benefits:

  • Automatic highlighting: Highlight important terms in both source and target languages.
  • Intelligent terminology database: Automatically updates and learns from previous projects.
  • Context integration: Shows examples of term usage in real-life contexts.

Measurement results:

  • 35% reduction in terminology errors during evaluation.
  • Increase review speed by 25% thanks to quick term recognition.
  • 98% accuracy in maintaining terminology consistency across projects.

Optimal Translation Evaluation Process

IDichthuat has developed a comprehensive translation review process that combines advanced technology and human expertise:

  • Initial analysis: Use AI to quickly scan the translation and detect basic errors.
  • Expert reviews: Language experts use Review Plus for detailed reviews.
  • Cross-checking: The translation is checked by at least two independent experts.
  • Customer feedback: Customers can access and give opinions directly on the platform.
  • Final tweak: Compile all feedback and make final edits.
Quality translation assessment process

In-depth Analysis Report

IDichthuat Provide detailed assessment reports, including:

  • Error analysis: Statistics and classification of error types (grammar, vocabulary, style, etc.).
  • Quality assessment: Use a standardized scale (e.g. LISA QA Model).
  • Suggestions for improvement: Specific suggestions to improve the quality of future translations.

CAT Tool Integration (Computer-Assisted Translation)

Review Plus and Term Plus are designed to integrate seamlessly with popular CAT tools such as SDL Trados, MemoQ, and Memsource. This ensures:

  • Seamless workflow: Switch easily between translation and review stages.
  • Synchronize translation memory: Automatically update changes to TM (Translation Memory).
  • Effective project management: Track progress and assign work easily.

Intensive Training and Support

IDichthuat not only provide tools but also invest in training and support:

  • Online training program: Detailed instructions on how to use Review Plus and Term Plus.
  • 24/7 support: The technical team is always ready to answer all questions.
  • Regular updates: Webinars and seminars on new trends in translation evaluation.

Industry Customization

Realizing that each industry has its own requirements, IDichthuat Provide customized solutions for different fields:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical: Integrated specialized medical terminology database.
  • Legal: Special cross-checking system for legal documents.
  • Technical: Tool for handling CAD file formats and complex technical documents.

Optimal Data Security

In the digital age, information security is a top priority. IDichthuat apply:

  • End-to-end encryption: Ensures the security of all data transmission.
  • Two-factor authentication: Enhance user account security.
  • GDPR Compliant: Meets international data protection standards.
Documents are optimally secured

Evaluating Machine Translation Quality

With the development of AI technology, IDichthuat also provides solutions to evaluate the quality of machine translation:

  • Comparing MT vs HT: Evaluating the effectiveness of machine translation compared to human translation.
  • Smart post-editing: Tool to support quick editing of machine translations.
  • ROI Analysis: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of using machine translation in the process.

Blockchain Integration for Transparency

IDichthuat is a pioneer in applying blockchain technology to the translation review process:

  • Traceability: Record every change and evaluate it irreversibly.
  • Smart contracts: Automate the payment process and confirm quality.
  • Copyright protection: Ensure intellectual property rights for high-quality translations.

IDichthuat, with its comprehensive suite of solutions from Review Plus to Term Plus, is leading the revolution in translation review. We not only provide tools but also build a complete ecosystem, combining cutting-edge technology and deep human expertise.

With a commitment to continuous innovation and improvement, IDichthuat confidently providing customers with the most effective translation evaluation solutions, contributing to improving global translation quality and promoting seamless communication between different cultures and languages.

Let's IDichthuat shaping the future of the language industry, where quality and efficiency come first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many languages ​​does Review Plus support?

Review Plus supports more than 100 language pairs, including popular languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and less popular languages ​​such as Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian. The system is regularly updated to meet the increasingly diverse needs of global customers.

2. How does Term Plus improve terminology consistency?

Term Plus uses AI technology to automatically identify and highlight important terms in both source and target languages. This system helps reduce terminology errors by 35% and increase review speed by 25%. The intelligent terminology database automatically learns from previous projects, ensuring up to 98% consistency across projects.

3. What CAT tools does Review Plus integrate with?

Review Plus integrates seamlessly with the CAT . tool Top such as:

  • SDL TradosStudio
  • memoq
  • memsource
  • wordfast
  • Across

This integration helps increase working efficiency by 40% compared to the traditional process.

4. Does Review Plus support machine translation review?

Yes, Review Plus provides a review module machine translation with features:

  • Compare the quality of MT vs HT
  • Automatic evaluation based on metrics such as BLEU, TER, METEOR
  • Analyze ROI when using MT in the process
  • This system helps increase post-editing efficiency by 30%.

5. How does Review Plus support large-scale translation project management?

Review Plus provides powerful project management tools:

  • Automatically assign work based on skills and workload
  • Track real-time progress
  • Detailed analysis reports on performance and quality
  • Integrates with popular project management systems such as JIRA, Trello

These features help increase project management efficiency by 50% for projects over 1 million words.

6. What features does Review Plus have to support translation quality assessment?

Review Plus integrates many quality assessment tools:

  • The automatic scoring system is based on criteria such as accuracy, style, and grammar
  • Detailed error analysis by categories
  • Compare with sample translation
  • Integrating standard assessment models such as LISA QA Model, SAE J2450

These tools help increase assessment accuracy by 40% compared to manual methods.

7. What features does Review Plus have to support translation in specialized fields?

Review Plus provides specialized modules for each industry:

  • Medical: Integrates SNOMED CT medical terminology database
  • Legal: Special cross-checking system, integrated with legal databases
  • Technical: CAD file processing, integration with design software

These modules help increase accuracy in specialized translation by 30%.

8. How does Review Plus support the creation and management of translation memories?

Review Plus provides an advanced TM (Translation Memory) management system:

  • Automatically update TM after each edit
  • Classify and filter TM by project, customer, and field
  • Integrates Neural TM technology to improve suggestion accuracy
  • Supports sharing and synchronization of TM between team members

This system helps increase TM reuse rate to 40%, saving significant time and costs.

9. How does Review Plus support report creation and data analysis?

Review Plus provides a comprehensive data analysis and reporting system:

  • Intuitive dashboard with important KPIs
  • Detailed reporting on quality, performance, and ROI
  • Trend analysis and prediction based on machine learning
  • Customize reports to your customers' specific needs

This system reduces report generation time by 70% and provides insights to improve the translation process.

10. How does Review Plus ensure consistency of tone and writing style?

Review Plus uses advanced technologies to maintain consistency:

  • AI analyzes writing style to identify and suggest appropriate styles
  • The style guide system automatically applies to each customer/project
  • Automated consistency checking tool
  • Library of approved sample sentences and phrases

These features help increase translation consistency by 45% compared to traditional methods.

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