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Translation price is determined by many factors such as language type, field of expertise, workload, completion time, translation quality and translator's experience. Each translation company has a different way of calculating prices, but most are based on a basic price per word or per page of document.

In addition, some companies also apply different prices for one-way translation and parallel translation, as well as for the translation of special documents such as legal contracts, complex technical documents or other documents. highly specialized field.

Knowing how much clients will pay can help you grow your client portfolio or improve the profitability of your freelance translation business.

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When starting a career with translation, the translation price can be from 90 VND/word to 125 VND/word. But the price will depend on the project, the length of the project, your expertise in the field, the duration of the project, and other values ​​that a translator should consider.

If you have experience in a niche, raise the bar and position yourself more specialized in that niche. However, sometimes many translators who have only worked on 2-3 projects "hype" the truth and consider themselves experts in fields they have never experienced.

Be honest and honest with your clients and, if necessary, devalue your first one or two projects in a new field until you've proven yourself to them.

Popular List of Translation Costs – Translation Quotes

The following is a list of some common ways to calculate the value of translation work ie translation costs and quotes Your will be calculated as follows:

1. Charge by word

This is the most commonly used method today. However, you should also add the lowest fee. For example, you can charge 90 VND/word and the lowest fee is 50,000 VND. (You can adjust the lowest fee by increasing or decreasing at any time). It assigns you responsibility for the workload, and you won't be "hindered" by very small projects.

This is considered the basic method of being able to charge a translation fee, and is often the case for written translations (such as reports, contracts, articles, manuals, etc.).

We can usually count the number of words in these types of documents easily. Especially for Word files, just look in the "word count" box (in the lower left corner of the screen), we can also calculate the number of words in text boxes, comments or notes - words in these sections. This is not shown in the “word count” section. For Word files that have been converted to PDF, we just need to convert to Word format and count using the above method.

2. Timekeeping by Hours

Tasks such as translation, site language verification, text formatting, and DTP. In case you don't know this phrase, DTP stands for electronic processing which is the work of translation combined with design to create flyers, posters, e-books, magazines and publications. to publish.

Some companies publish text-based payment tables on their websites or on some spreadsheets. However, there are a number of factors other than the main body of content that can affect translation prices. Include:

  • Translation language

Like other industries, the translation industry also follows the law of supply and demand. For example, in the United States, an English-Spanish translation will be cheaper than English-Yoruba. In the United States, especially Miami (TransForma headquarters), there are a lot of English-Spanish interpreters, and this makes the price of translating this language pair also low. The fewer people speak the language, the higher the price of translation, the reason is not only because the number of people learning this language is small, but also because quality interpreters in these language pairs are also rare.

  • Text complexity 

The same is a common text, but a presentation is often easier to translate than a patent with specialized content and requires someone with a relative knowledge of the subject to be translated. Therefore, the price of patent translation must also be much higher.

  • Submission time

If you are translating a long document and need to get it done in a short time, you will need to be paid 50% to 150% more than the usual rate (and sometimes more). 

  • Amount of text

Usually, the larger the amount of text, the lower the translation price ratio will be. But this is usually only applied to the actual volume of translation, not to the number of pages of text.

  • Mass

If you are a multinational company and publish a wide range of publications in many countries in many different languages, your translation partner should also consider offering discounts on your projects. If they don't have these offers, you should find another partner!

  • Text format

Text sometimes needs to be redesigned to resemble the original document or sometimes requires DTP work, reformatting or file conversion. This work needs to be timed by the number of pages or by the number of hours worked.

  • Readability

Usually, if the printed documents are poorly reproduced, or the documents are missing paragraphs and the text provider can't find better quality samples. In these cases, the translator will have to spend a lot of effort and time to understand the translated content. Therefore, the cost of these translation works also needs to be included.

  • Can the text content be summarized or translated in its entirety?

Depending on the purpose of the translated text you are receiving, a 50-page contract can be translated and condensed into a small paragraph. This, the translation partner will make choices in the translation agreement.

Ideally, you should present all necessary documents to your translator for a full quote. Most translation companies will feel quite uncomfortable if they have to make a "search" quote while not knowing the content they need to translate.

3.Feed per page

Usually for legal and administrative documents (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and other legal documents). Translation work on scanned documents (such as invoices, tax returns or other forms) is usually charged by the number of pages. Because in this type of text, it is not possible to count the number of words through the software and also cannot count the words by hand.

Some people can convert files and use word counting software to know the number of words to translate, but these tasks are quite time consuming if it is a personal document. In case the documents to be translated are a bank statement or a replacement declaration, it is necessary to completely convert to a Word file by composing a new document entirely in Word.

4. Floor fee

For small projects when you have to translate a minimum amount of words like 400 words.

5. Calculation by locality

Where you live will affect how much your customers pay.

Working for a translation company, your salary should be determined by that company. So it's up to you, whether you want to do it yourself and establish your own value, or work in a company where the fees will be set by themselves.

Hope this article is useful to you. And you can choose to hire a quality standard translation company, understand more about how to calculate translation costs, and quote more specific translation prices.

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In Vietnam today, translation is a very new industry that not everyone knows about this service. But in recent years translation is becoming a service industry with amazing growth throughout the country.

Facilities are constantly springing up, translation companies are more and more everywhere providing a full range of different products and services. Therefore, determining the cost of translation services to get a quality translation is essential because there are so many companies springing up today.

How are translation costs calculated?
How are translation costs calculated?

How can translators determine the cost of a translation?

Translation companies have several ways to charge their clients such as per page, per word, per line, per character, per thousand words, or per hour. Some translators even offer a flat fee for the entire project.

Each method works for translation companies in different cases. As a client, your business should research rates when deciding to work with a language service provider or freelance translator.

Charge per word 

Perhaps these are the two most popular prices in the translation industry today. These two calculations will be used in different cases. In addition, translation companies and translators also need to consider the source and target documents of a project.

If you are charged per word, whether your translator takes 2 hours or 10 hours, you still pay the same price. This is usually the most common and fair quote for translators and clients. However, in today's translation, charging per word does not make much sense, for example, when you have a large project of a few hundred pages or even a few thousand pages, then translation companies will consider it. fee per translation page.

Charge per page or per line

Charges per page or per line often occur when translated documents need to be formatted, where words cannot be counted in numbers such as medical or legal documents. In this case, the language service provider will ask for a per-page rate.

While the word count may vary per page, the standard price will protect the translator from the extra time needed to decipher any handwriting or discrepancies on the translated page, since they will be indistinct. as clear as numerical content.

What factors influence translation prices?
What factors influence translation prices?

If the translation company quotes you on a per-line charge, here's what you should know:

  • According to the official European DIN 2345 standard, 1 line = 55 characters (including spaces) in the Target Language (TL).

We'll have a little trouble trying to compare ratios between words and lines: how many words are there in a line? Assuming a line has 55 characters including spaces, we can assume the following: 

  • German text: 1 line = about 8 words

However, English words are usually a bit shorter (nothing compares to Rechtsschutzversicherung Sgesellschaft – longest German word in daily use according to the Guinness Book of World Records), so we can use Use more words in a 55-character line (including spaces):

  • Average in an English text: 1 line = about 9 to 10 words

On the other hand a common unit of price in Italy is the CARTELLA. Cartella counts about 25 lines with 50 to 55 characters per line (more or less 330 to 340 words).

Charge per character or thousands of words

This is the case in the translation of literary documents. Also, this is a useful approach for character-based languages ​​like Chinese, Japanese, etc.

The most accurate way to calculate translation prices
The most accurate way to calculate translation prices

Other costs in translation

Occasionally, you may incur additional fees during the translation of your project. That's the charge for short turnaround times, working outside of office hours, particularly difficult documents, and complex formats. In these cases, your language service providers may add fees to your bill to offset the extra time or effort your project requires.

Most frequently asked questions

1. What is the average translation price of a professional translator in Vietnam?

Depending on experience and expertise, the translation price of a professional translator ranges from 150.000 - 300.000 VND/page (about 300 words). For specialized fields such as medicine, engineering, and legal, the price can be up to 400.000 - 500.000 VND/page.

2. What factors affect translation prices?

Factors affecting translation prices include:

  • Translation language pair: Popular languages ​​will be cheaper than rare languages.
  • Translation field: Specialized documents are more expensive than regular documents.
  • Completion time: Urgent projects will have 50-150% higher fees.
  • Number of words: Large projects often cost less than small projects.
  • File format: Documents with complex formats require additional editing fees.

3. How to choose a reputable, quality translation company?

To choose a reputable translation company, you should:

  • Consider the experience and size of the company.
  • Evaluate quality through implemented projects.
  • Find out customer feedback and reviews.
  • Compare prices and services with other companies.
  • Request a test translation of a passage to check the quality.

4. For students, how much does translation usually cost?

Students who are just starting to work as translators usually have prices ranging from 60.000 - 100.000 VND/page, depending on the quality of the translation. However, this price is only suitable for simple documents that do not require in-depth knowledge.

5. How many words does a standard translated page usually have?

According to international standards, a standard translation page has about 300 words (excluding images, tables, and graphs). However, some companies use the convention that 1 page = 250 words to easily calculate costs.

6. Besides translation, what services do translation companies also provide?

Professional translation companies often provide other services such as:

  • Editing and editing translations
  • Notarized translation
  • Interpreting (speaking translation) at conferences and events
  • Provide subtitles and captions
  • Localize content (translate content to suit local culture)

7. Can translation prices be negotiable based on the volume of work?

For large, long-term translation projects, you can completely negotiate a price with the translation company based on the total volume of work, instead of calculating per page. This helps reduce costs and ensures benefits for both parties.

8. Translating an urgent document in 24 hours, how will the cost be calculated?

For urgent projects, translation companies often charge 50-100% more than the standard price. For example, if the original price is 200.000 VND/page, a 24-hour urgent project can be up to 300.000 - 400.000 VND/page. However, the specific fee depends on the workload and policies of each company.

9. I want to translate a 500-page book. So should I choose to charge per word or per page?

With a long project like translating a 500-page book, you should ask the translation company for a full quote for the entire project, instead of calculating each page individually. This method will help reduce costs significantly compared to calculating by word. However, you should also provide a sample so the company can estimate the volume and quote more accurately.

10. Can I request a trial translation to check the quality before signing the contract?

Most reputable translation companies are willing to provide free trial translation services of about 300 words so that customers can evaluate the quality before deciding to cooperate. If the company refuses this request, you should consider choosing another partner to ensure your rights.

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