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If you are interested in working in the translation service industry, copying is one of the top choices for you. This job is demanding, but also very rewarding.

How Does Copy Work?

Transcription work requires listening to voice recordings and converting them into written documents along with patience and serious training.

This profession involves recording recordings of legal, medical, and other topics. Being a copyist requires excellent typing skills and a keen hearing as well as accuracy and commitment to produce a high-quality written document.

Types of Copying Materials

Some professional copyists prefer to specialize in a specific area such as law or medicine, but you can do general copying if you want. Being a copy expert means you have to gain experience and deal with different topics and decide on specialized or conventional copy.

When doing regular transcription, you'll often hear recordings of college lectures, court hearings, business meetings, personal conversations, and other types of recordings that require references.

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Many companies, organizations and individuals offer document copying services. In addition to the audio file types mentioned above, you can get transcription jobs for phone conversations, video conferencing, speeches, articles, script correspondence, dictation, demonstrations, and more. forums, meetings, reports, manuscripts and interviews.

How To Become A Copy Expert

The level of training and education you need to become a copyist depends on whether you want to specialize in medical or legal copy, or you want to stick with conventional copywriting.

Becoming a copyist requires no experience. Several online courses are available. If you want to specialize, then you need a certificate or associate degree in court reports, legal or medical copies. In Idichthuat We all require employees to provide professional, legal and medical licensure or certification.

Skills Required of a Copier

Being a copyist requires patience, as mentioned earlier. You cannot choose the quality of the recordings that you will copy, so there will be cases where you get low quality and confusing audio files.

You should be a good typist and have a keen ear. Computer skills are essential, in addition to downloading files, the job may require research. You should also be fluent in the use of word processing programs.

Typing speed should be around 60 to 75 words per minute, with at least 98% accuracy. You should also be a fluent speaker, culturally aware of the language in the recordings, so that you can understand the nuances. Language commands should be in both formal and colloquial styles. Grammar and spelling skills must also be excellent, and have a good knowledge of punctuation. Furthermore, you should use a good writing editor that checks the text for sentence construction and grammar, as well as spelling.

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Here are some “tips” to help you improve your copywriting skills:

  • Try copying yourself without using specialized equipment, other than a pair of ears to listen. You can listen to a recording and try to transcribe it. You then stop and restart the recording to type the spoken words.
  • If you're already proficient, consider looking for an online transcription course, or perhaps get a certificate or associate degree. The courses will help you understand copywriting better and give you the skills you need to become an expert.
  • You need constant practice to gain the confidence needed to apply to language service companies or find direct clients, if you decide to go freelance.
  • Considering the number of speakers in the recording and the meaning of their sentences are also good habits to cultivate.

The Complexity of Copy Work

The job of transcribing sounds easy as it only involves listening to the audio files and typing. In practice, copying is quite complicated because it takes commitment and full involvement in the work to ensure that you create the best quality work.

The first complication in the copying process is the quality of the audio files. You're in luck if the audio files you receive from the client are clear and concise. When working with this type of file, you can type quite quickly. Other recordings are quite complex, with their own jargon and local jargon, or with very poor audio quality. People who speak with strong voices, and those with low, soft voices can make recordings difficult to understand. Copying such files takes more time because you have to listen to the recording over and over again. So you will need to practice patience.

Some clients have specific style requirements that you must strictly adhere to. You need to pay attention to the details to make sure that your document format is correct.

Essential Tools for Copying Sao

Copy software

One of the first tools you will need is copy software. Some of them are free and downloadable and suitable for beginners to use. Other tools cost between $50 and $100. Some software is only available for Windows or OSX, while others can be used for different operating systems. So choose the one that is right for you. The best copy program will be able to play different types of video and audio files, such as dct, wma, mp3 or wav files, with custom timecode (timestamp) settings.

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A good to excellent pair of headphones is essential for copy work, so you should invest in a pair of above-average quality. While buying headphones can come down to personal preference, here are some helpful tips to help you make the right decision.

A pair of headphones with a 3,5mm jack, better than a USB headset with a sound card. The sound card is attached and easily broken. Headphones can be comfortable, but only for a short time. They are suitable for noise cancellation, but your ears will be affected if you use them for a long time.

Supra-aural or on-ear headphones are fine when they rest on your earlobes, but they can be quite uncomfortable, especially when they're too tight. Round, closed or over-ear headphones with earcups will help cover your ears. Soft and quite thick earpads will help you to listen comfortably. If you are working in a quiet room, these are the best headphones to choose. Their noise cancellation is not very good, so they are not recommended when you work in noisy environments.

Be sure to test headphones for comfort and look for ones that are durable and have smooth frequencies, between 250 Hz and 2000 Hz, which are the frequencies of the human voice.


Instead of turning the recording on and off while listening to fully capture the recording, it is better to invest in a foot pedal (WAV pedal). The foot pedal allows you to start, pause, fast forward or rewind a recording with your foot. While some transcription programs will allow you to use keyboard shortcuts, the foot pedal will help you focus on typing. You can purchase the pedals separately and some programs come with the foot pedal. If you purchased your foot pedal separately, make sure it is compatible with the cloning program you use.

Word processing

You need a word processing application to type and edit documents. Make sure it can generate files in the format your client requires.

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Internet connection

You also need a reliable and high-speed Internet connection. Most copyists work from home. If you are one of them, make sure your home Internet connection allows you to receive and send files securely.

Being a copy expert requires you to be a fast and efficient employee who can deliver accurate copies within deadlines. You should keep it private and assure your client that their copy project will remain confidential.

Professional Copy Service Anytime Anywhere

Copying is a very complex job that requires experience, time and precision to every detail. Idichthuat provide The most professional copying service, whether you require casual copying or difficult project documents. We have a team of professionals with the right skills in each industry, industry and certification to do the job properly and correctly. Please contact us to receive a detailed quote and completion time for each project that the customer provides.

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