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The world economy is always changing and developing constantly. New knowledge in the industry is always updated and improved. The demand for learning new knowledge is therefore increasing stronger than ever.

The current university and postgraduate education environment is also constantly changing, thereby requiring learners to always update their knowledge to keep abreast of ever-changing trends in the global economy.

With a team of dynamic, young translators and translation collaborators with excellent knowledge in economics and foreign languages, coming from famous universities at home and abroad, we are proud to bring to you the translations specialized in economic and financial fields with absolute accuracy.

If you feel confused with new economic terms or the complexity of foreign trade transaction documents, call us immediately to get the highest satisfaction.

In the era of the internet boom and the outstanding development of digital devices, new digital technologies, which stands out are smartphones, 3G connected networks and social networks that have gradually replaced traditional media and newspapers.

Accompanying that is the requirement of the user's constantly updated types of news. Today, every hour, thousands of articles or news are translated, shared and discussed by millions of people around the world. idichthuat is proud to be a partner of many leading electronic newspapers in Vietnam in the field of news translation and newspaper compilation.

We have an in-depth translation team of press documents of many fields, including sports, society, culture, religion, tourism.

Besides, if you are the host of an event and want your message to be sent to others in a language other than Vietnamese, then with a team of idichthuat's experienced translators in the field of advertising, PR and event planning techniques will surely bring satisfaction to our clients. 

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Financial translation 

It is difficult to conduct international financial operations without true and correct translations of the financial industry. Let Idichthuat translate your financial documents with terminology accuracy and language understandable fluency.

Whether for an investment bank, or an insurance company or with a business accounting service, we have translation technologies and language localization solutions to provide the best financial translation services for our clients.

With highly trained translators in the financial industry, who grasp and understand the translation industry, or as financial and commercial professionals capable of translating localized language understand the importance of language accuracy and comply with international financial terminology.

Note: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian Transcript Translation Sample

Combines powerful financial industry terminology management solutions with Idichthuat's proprietary agile translation technology, we are proud to serve the leading financial services institutions in banking, insurance and investment at home and abroad with super fast and high quality language translations at blazing fast speed within the day.

Idichthuat is proud to help some of the world's leading financial services companies translate documents in multiple languages ​​with a wide range of financial translation profiles:

Translation of annual financial statements Income statement Tax report translation SEC Archives Investment report Bank report
Investor information Investor Newsletter Audit report Request for Proposal (RFP) Financial contract Shareholders' summary
Investment report Accounting balance sheet Financial statement Agreement to publish results Press Release Financial report

Multilingual financial translation

In today's global economy, the multinational financial services industry is unified and developed in various languages, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic and Spanish, to achieve best business results and compliance with international legal requirements.

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This means that language translation services are now an integral component of global financial services operations. Whether you are a leading accounting firm working on international tax or audit, or an investment bank managing overseas mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or underwriting cross-border securities, Idichthuat has translation solutions in more than 100 languages to meet all your financial translation needs with the highest technical accuracy and speed.

Responding to innovation in financial translation

The financial services industry is witnessing a major shift as technology solutions (Financial Technology) redefine many aspects of traditional banking and create completely new business models. The rise of the digital economy has fundamentally changed consumer expectations regarding the speed and cost of financial services ranging from online payment transfers, to borrowing and investing.

Digital wallets, AI & Blockchain, open economy and cloud computing technologies are shaping the future of the financial services industry globally. Unfortunately, traditional language services can no longer meet the translation needs of these rapid developments. This is why you need Idichthuat, the leader in fast, agile and on-demand financial translation solutions.

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Idichthuat towards global financial services success

There is a reason why the exchange of capital and wealth is often described as flow. Flow shows cash, like water, moves smoothly through large and small channels, an organic financial circulation, of which flow simply goes anywhere according to the law of gravitation or, the law of the market in the case.

The rapidly globalizing world economy is creating new opportunities for financial services companies to diversify and globalize their services. However, in order to compete effectively in the international market and take advantage of new global opportunities, financial services institutions must rely on robust multilingual communication and adjust their products/services to meet client's cultural and linguistic requirements.

Idichthuat 's game-changing language localization solutions helping financial services companies accelerate to global success.

Translation with the international banking industry 

The world's most successful banking companies are global. The combined worldwide financial services market is much larger than any domestic market, whether it is the United States, China, Japan or the United Kingdom…

Today, banks must support their geographically diverse customer base with international offshore cash, finance, management and cross-language foreign exchange solutions to grow their global business. That is reason why you need Idichthuat's industry-leading financial translation solutions , to support your global banking in all European and Asian languages.

We have financial translators who are leading translation experts in all areas of banking services to connect and collaborate across borders, global payments for international supply chains with lending Forex for emerging market opportunities. To learn more about Idichthuat's full-service banking translation solutions , please click here.

Note: Prestigious Professional English - Vietnamese Translation

Multilingual financial solutions 

Your financial services operations are unique and specialized language translation solutions to ensure the best success. We have local language resources, native translators with specialized international finance experience, and next-generation language technology to help you develop fully integrated computing cloud translation solutions so you can confidently navigate the complexities of the global financial system and cultural nuances across languages.

Idichthuat simplified financial services translations on our globally accessible online platform, allowing Idichthuat's international translators team who are local finance industry experts get ready to translate and localize your real-time financial product across all European, Asian and Latin American languages.

Banking and financial translation services

Whether you are a multi-billion dollar international banking company or a mid-sized financial services company, we are here to make it easy for you to meet your translation service needs with Idichthuat. Simply sign up for a business account and we'll instantly assign a single point of contact for your financial translation needs.

You can start translating your content right away by uploading your document to get an instant quote online. We have invested heavily in building dedicated translation teams to serve your financial translation requirements for each language.

Consumer finance translation service

Today, Open Financial Cash Flow Services is growing globally. Whether between individuals and companies or governments and international organizations, cash is almost never kept in one place anymore.

Individual investors own shares in foreign exchanges, buy and sell assets internationally, and deposit savings in offshore accounts. Furthermore, the proliferation of online payment platforms – bitcoin, PayPal, Venmo, Alipay and Apple Pay, WeChat, etc. are all vying to disrupt the consumer payments industry.

Idichthuat Get used to working in this highly regulated financial sector to help you maintain or launch financial services for your global clientele while keeping up to date with the latest developments in the financial industry. main consumption.

Note: Professional translation – Experience for translators

Corporate finance translation service

Idichthuat and our network of financial translators have many years of experience working directly with the financial industry and are able to localize financial statements, audit related documents, accounting manuals, legal documents, etc. Tax and business advice, training materials and marketing assets for the corporate finance world.

Insurance translation service

Advanced insurers understand that having multilingual insurance assets accessible can open up new opportunities for growth. They also understand that even more importantly, localizing insurance documents and materials without regard to local laws and regulations can have serious consequences for insurance providers.

's experience Idichthuat, in translating insurance documents, and our network of insurance professionals ensures that your documents are always localized to the most recent regulatory standards.

We provide a suite of localization services for the insurance industry including globalization consulting and technical translation of policy documents, educational documents, website collateral, brochures, claims. claims and other insurance documents.

Multinational investment financial translation service

Some of the biggest investment deals and growth sectors are happening around the world. That means all content from contracts, legal agreements, investment documents, investment summaries and analysis needs to be localized into English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian , France, Germany, Spain,…

Or translate into Vietnamese for international shareholders and investors. Whether investing or fundraising, Idichthuat can ensure our translation process transparently and accurately communicates financial industry expertise to all stakeholders.

We provide a suite of language translation services including regulatory documents, agreements, contracts, KIIDs, PPMs, Financial statements, marketing materials, annual reports and almost anything you need to comply and reach new multicultural customers.

Note: Oil and Gas Specialized Translation

Translation services for financial mergers and acquisitions and exchanges in the financial market

Translation is the glue that holds together the entire negotiation and integration process behind cross-border finance, especially in mergers and acquisitions. Idichthuat can handle your global communications with all steps of international standard processes.

We'll help you translate risk analysis accurately, ahead of potential risks even before the actual merger so all stakeholders can be informed throughout the process. Documents, summaries, and legal documents and agreements – Idichthuat can localize all in many language pairs with exacting standards and requirements for such important content.

Finally, we understand the level of confidentiality and security that our customers require and will work with each customer to establish protocols for handling sensitive information.

Financial terminology translation

How can you translate liquidity records or financial activity announcements into Japanese or English? What's the impact on foreign tax relief or quantitative easing? Our expert financial translators leverage the world's largest cloud-based term management system.

Developed by Idichthuat Allows translators to tag and save translations of key terms, phrases and names to improve the accuracy of financial translations. The result is Idichthuat provides consistent terminology translation across each project and can deliver translations in a more efficient, time- and cost-effective way. 

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