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When you think about translation, it seems like you won't stop thinking about what it really is. There is often ambiguity between translation and language interpretation. These two concepts are almost similar but the main difference lies in the way of converting from one language to another.

Interpretation is the conversion from one language to another when spoken, the interpreter will read (or listen to) the document in this language and convert it to the other language form you want.

What is a translation service?

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So where does translation come from? When does it start? There are studies that suggest that translation originated in Rome. However, those who study translation give dozens of information that say that is not true.

Although there have been many different studies on where translation originated, the only thing that can be accepted is that it dates back to ancient times and became a key element of civilization at that time.

Why is that? Because translation helps us to communicate with others through written language without having to face to face, glaring at each other with language differences and without any hope of understanding each other.

Although there have been differences in translation since ancient times, there are still some similarities. The difference is mainly due to the variation of some languages ​​and due to the techniques we use to translate documents. It is worth mentioning, can we use machines to perform tasks that humans need to do with high precision and sensitivity?

translation technology

Personally, I don't trust machines when it comes to such tasks. Errors caused by humans can be quickly fixed, but fixing errors for machines can cause other errors due to new command lines or changes in machine algorithms.

Therefore, a translation service is a place for people to hire someone to help them understand difficult documents in the simplest way. Overall, this is an indispensable service for many people, whether individuals, organizations or museums, if they receive a document written in a language they do not know.

Generally speaking, finding a translation expert is actually very simple. You can ask a friend, search a business directory, or search the Internet.

Prestigious translation service

Just like other services, Translation services will yield different results depending on the service provider. It depends on the ethics, working ability, and expertise of that unit. In short, you need to find units that really believe in prestige and professionalism in the translation process.

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