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Translate web pages for readers not for google to read

Website translation is becoming more and more popular in our country. Businesses are growing and aspiring to go out into the world, so it is understandable that many people want an English website. But is website translation as easy as you are understanding? With many years of experience in the translation profession IDICHTHUAT understand how complex the translation market is right now.

What impresses us now is that current websites focus only on the technical part of website translation: how to edit HTML files, how to make sure the website will be found by search engines, etc. While these are obviously very important aspects of translating a website and it would be nice if your site was ranked number one in Google.

But if your website's language when translated into English or any other language makes it difficult for readers to understand, it will affect customers and most importantly, revenue and profits of the company. It is important for you to remember that translate website to serve users (your customers) and not to serve robots (google translate)

Not all translators have the skills to write content or edit words to best suit the user. With the experience and experience of a team of leading translators in the field of translation. The translation team of IDICHTHUAT has accumulated 4 factors to translate the website correctly – accurately – to attract readers

Titles must be catchy

The first thing you have to make sure is that your headlines must really attract readers and highlight your services. This will greatly affect the user experience, your article should not be too much. long, not too detailed, but the words are focused on the user's psychology. In many cases the title is also considered as the “key” to the success of your service.

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Do not write rambling content that is not user-oriented

People who are searching for information on the internet do not have to go through the basics of the website they want to be able to quickly decide if the website they find contains the information they are looking for. As a translator, you usually don't have much influence over the total length of your text, but you can at least try to make your translation easy to read or keep it as concise as possible.

Translate content that appeals to readers

This is especially important for websites that sell products or services. You want to promote this product or service, so make sure your content is engaging and easy to read. You are trying to convince people to buy this product or service, so tell them why they should pull out their wallet to pay for a service they are using for the first time or have used yours. some side.

Because it is self-written content that does not have to be read like an academic article or a textbook, think about it.Imagine yourself as a customer to bring them the most valuable experience.

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Write for people, not search engines

This we have repeated from the beginning of the article until now but why IDICHTHUAT repeat this here? There are many SEO experts around that can give you great advice on how to get your website to rank #1 or #2 on Google.

However, these professionals sometimes tend to focus on SEO too much and forget that the final destination is the customer, who is a human with clear eyes. For example, they will recommend using specific keywords as much as possible in your content, but who wants to read a text that keeps repeating the same word or product name over and over? The best solution is to be reader-oriented so that the reader can pick up the phone and call you anytime.

Hopefully, the tips and professional website translation experiences will help new translators or customers who have been and will use our translation services. IDICHTHUAT.

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