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Translation, which involves translating ideas expressed by one social group in one language into an appropriate expression in another, involving a process that includes decoding, recoding and encryption. As cultures increasingly come into contact with each other, cross-cultural considerations need to be considered even more.

How do all these changes affect when we want to understand the text before translating it? We don't just deal with written words in a given time, space and socio-political situation; it is more important to consider the "cultural" aspect of the text.

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Multiculturalism, a common phenomenon today, plays an important role, because it affects almost everyone in the world as well as the international relations born of the new world order. Furthermore, as technology developed at an extremely rapid rate, countries and their cultures initiated a process of integration whose end was difficult to predict.

We are at the threshold of a new international model. Boundaries are disappearing, and differences are disappearing. The sharp boundaries that once indicated clear distinctions are also fading and disappearing.

There translator, we are faced with an alien culture that requires its message to be conveyed in a familiar way. Culture expresses its characteristics in a “culturally bound” way: culturally idiosyncratic words, idioms and phrases, whose origin and usage are bound to the culture. chemistry is being talked about in an intrinsic and unique way. We are therefore relied on to deliver intercultural translations whose success depends on our understanding of the culture we are working with.

The intercoding process not only focuses on language transfer but also depends on cultural transfer – the most important factor. As an inevitable consequence, translators need to be proficient in at least two languages, be bicultural, if not multicultural.

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