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Learn About Translation and Confidentiality

In the translation industry, when it comes to confidentiality, every translator and even client should think about establishing a valid Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement before both parties decide on the project to be translated.


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Translators' privacy and client confidentiality come first. However, if necessary they should also endeavor to prevent the disclosure of all documents and personal information to third parties. The Privacy Agreement will show the client full respect and professionalism in preventing the privacy and care of any material from being disclosed to the public, unless otherwise stated.

A translator will make the mistake of outsourcing a project to a colleague and revealing confidential information without the client's permission or consent.

If you are working with a translation associate or are looking for someone to work with, be sure to mention your collaboration and that the associate will provide their translation services. combined with your services. When contracting a translation project, think about how long it will take you to complete it and be sure you can do it yourself, but if time is still an obstacle and you feel If you're going to have to deliver and can't complete it, contact the client and be honest about the situation.

You can also present to the client a few options that will facilitate both parties in the process, and will meet the deadline. (For example, consider asking for help from a translator you trust and let the client know that he or she will work with you. Let the client know before you offer anything. which decision is very important.)

Why is it important to bring the Privacy Agreement to the customer?

• Customers will trust you, your personal and professional ethics.

• Make sure the document is translated and presented by you.

• Make a serious commitment – ​​provide your client with not only the usual terms of service for the translation profession, but also a mutually agreed upon confidentiality; translator and client, sign and date, the agreement that will effectively determine its importance. This will be a highly regarded way to showcase your work and an appropriate element to pursue. 

Good luck.

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