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Translation specialized in communication is an important field in today's digital age. With the rapid development of technology and international integration, the need for specialized translation services in the communications field is increasing. Multinational media companies, international media organizations and cross-border media all need translation experts with a deep understanding of media terminology, style and culture. .

International Association of Machine Translation (IAMT): IAMT 2021 report says “the use of translation memory tools in media translation increased productivity by an average of 30% while reducing errors by 15% .”

Translation in the field of communication includes many aspects such as newspaper translation, film translation, advertising translation, social network content translation, PR and marketing document translation, etc. Each field needs skills and knowledge. in-depth to be able to accurately convey the message, preserving the meaning and tone of the original. Translation quality in communication not only affects communication effectiveness but also contributes to shaping the image and reputation of the brand.

To meet this increasing demand, specialized media translation services need to continuously update knowledge, grasp trends and develop professional skills. This requires investment in resources, technology and training to build a team of professional translators with deep understanding of the media field. Let's Idichthuat Explore specialized media translation solutions through detailed and transparent quotes, helping you clearly understand the value and benefits we bring.

Media specialized translation
What is specialized media translation?

Translation services specialized in communications

Media specialized translation services at Idichthuat is not simply a process of language conversion. It is a deep understanding of the nature of the media industry and the ability to communicate messages effectively. With a team of experienced translation experts, we are committed to providing customers with quality services. Fully meets the specific specialized requirements of communications.

  • Specialized in communications: Our team of translators are not only excellent linguists but also have a deep understanding of the media industry, from charts and market research to advertising and consumer trends.
  • Transparency and details in quotes: We pride ourselves on providing transparent and detailed quotes. Clients can rest assured with reasonable costs and no hidden fees, helping them easily manage their translation budget.
  • Maximum information security: Customer information and documents are stored and handled with utmost care and confidentiality. We maintain strict procedures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of every project.
  • Accurate completion time: Committed to completing projects on time, we help customers save time and ensure that their message is conveyed properly.
  • Professional customer support: The customer support team is always ready to answer all questions and accompany customers every step of the translation journey..
What is media translation?
Fast and accurate specialized communication translation service

Quote for specialized media translation services

Specialized communications documents require absolute accuracy and professionalism. Ensuring complete and accurate content not only involves style but also includes preserving the semantics of the original text.

To become a wise customer, you need to choose one Prestigious and quality translation unit. It is extremely important to be careful with cheap translation businesses, because making the wrong choice can have serious consequences. Therefore, you should take the time to carefully learn about specialized document translation service providers to ensure their reliability.

Below is the reference price for translating specialized media documents. Please note that prices may vary depending on the specifics of each project and detailed requirements from the customer.

Service charge: Translation specialized in communication: From 35.000 VND/page.

Payment according to total cost

  • Total cost < 300.000 VND: Pay 100% of service fee in advance.
  • 300.000 VND =< Total cost < 3.000.000 VND: Pay 100% in advance, receive 70% of the translation, pay the rest after receiving the entire translation.
  • Total cost >= 3.000.000 VND: Payment according to contract agreement.


  • Under 150.000 VND: Bank transfer or scratch card code from Mobifone, Viettel, Gmobile.
  • Over 150.000 VND: Bank transfer.

Translation fee details

  • English - Vietnamese & Vietnamese - English translation: 1 page (300 - 400 words, depending on major).
  • Document surcharge requires presentation of original file, confirmation stamp, and urgent translation within the day.
  • Printing fee: From 10% service fee.
  • Minimum service fee per order: 100.000 VND.

VAT: Does not include 10% VAT (Applicable when requesting a value-added invoice).

Prices for specialized media translation services
Prices for specialized media translation services

Media specialized translation process at Idichthuat

The process of specialized media translation services requires professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field. Below is a typical process for specialized media translation:

  • Classify and analyze documents

Before we start the translation process, the first stage is to classify documents based on specific areas of expertise. This helps us clearly and accurately identify the need for specialized knowledge. After reviewing the request from the customer and planning the time, we continue to the second phase.

  • Professional translation

A professional translation team will receive the task and carry out the translation according to each classified section. This process includes unification of both grammar and specialized vocabulary, ensuring that the translation proceeds smoothly and with high efficiency.

  • Editing and finishing

Once the rough translation is completed, the proofreading staff will take on the task of editing and perfecting the translation. This process helps improve accuracy and ensures that the message is communicated clearly. The translation will then be presented to the expert group for evaluation.

Prestigious media translation company
What do specialized media translators need to keep in mind?
  • Final check and edit

Staff from the specialized team will re-check the document, focusing on detecting and correcting errors or final inaccuracies before handing it over to the customer.

  • Hand over and receive feedback

The final process involves close links between the translation management department and the translation team. After completing the documents, we deliver them to the customer and receive feedback.

The close combination of these steps ensures the quality and professionalism of our translation, bringing certain satisfaction to you.

After a thorough evaluation of the Media specialized translation services and consider the quote from the above article. Hopefully this information will help you gain an overview of this unit and assist you in the process of making the right choice. If you have any questions or require more detailed advice, please contact us directly Idichthuat.

Most frequently asked questions

1. Specialized media translation services of Idichthuat What are the outstanding advantages?

Idichthuat is proud to provide specialized media translation services with the following advantages:

  • The team of translators specializes in the field of communication and understands specialized concepts and terminology
  • Transparent, detailed quotes, no hidden fees, help customers easily manage their budget
  • Absolute information security with strict procedures
  • Completed on schedule, saving time for customers
  • Professional, dedicated customer support

2. How long does it take to complete media document translation?

The time to complete a media translation depends on the length, level of depth and specific requirements of the document. Normally, with a document of about 10 pages (3000-4000 words), Idichthuat Can be completed within 3-4 business days. For urgent projects, we also provide same-day urgent translation services to meet customer schedules.

3. Idichthuat What languages ​​does translation support in the media sector?

We provide English - Vietnamese and Vietnamese - English translation services for specialized media documents. Besides, Idichthuat also supports translation into more than 50 different languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic... depending on the specific needs of each customer.

4. Idichthuat What measures are taken to ensure translation quality?

To ensure the best translation quality, Idichthuat Applying strict quality control procedures with many levels of inspection:

  • Choose a suitable translator with deep expertise in the field of communication
  • Proofread and compare translations with original documents to ensure high accuracy
  • Cross-check between members of the translation team
  • Quality assessment by a professional team before handing over to customers
  • Receive feedback and edit according to customer requirements

5. How do I request a translation quote for my communication documents?

To receive a translation quote for media documents, please follow these steps:

  • Visit our website Idichthuat and fill in the quote request form
  • Send documents that need to be translated via email to the customer service department
  • We will analyze documents and send a detailed quote within 30-60 minutes
  • Confirm agreement with the quote and proceed to sign the translation contract
  • Idichthuat Start translating immediately after receiving documents and service fees

You can consult Translation quote based on number of words, pages, and working hours Latest updates on the website.

6. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the translation, then Idichthuat Is there a refund or retouch policy?

Idichthuat always strive to bring customers the highest quality translations. In case you are not satisfied with the translation, we are ready to:

  • Edit and proofread translations according to customer requests
  • Work directly with customers to find the best solution
  • If after 2 revisions it still does not meet the requirements, we will refund 100% of the service fee
  • The maximum time for editing and refunding is 05 working days from the date of handing over the translation

7. Idichthuat Do you provide notarized translation services for media documents?

Have, Idichthuat Providing notarized translation services for media documents with legal notarized stamps. We have a team of interpreters who have been granted notarized translation practice cards from the Department of Justice, ensuring the legality of the translation. If you need a notarized translation, please notify us at the beginning so we can arrange a suitable interpreter.

8. Urgently need to translate media documents on weekends. Idichthuat Do you work?

Idichthuat understand that customer translation needs may arise at any time. Therefore, we are willing to work outside of business hours, including weekends and holidays, to promptly support customers. You just need to notify us in advance and we will arrange staff to meet urgent translation requests, even on Saturdays and Sundays. However, service fees will be charged 7-25% more than normal working days.

9. If errors are detected in the accepted translation, can I request corrections and compensation?

Idichthuat Committed to taking responsibility for translation quality even after handover to the customer. If you discover a serious defect within 6 months from the date of acceptance, we will:

  • Receive information and respond to customers within 24 hours
  • Appoint experts to analyze and evaluate the level of errors and causes
  • Edit and proofread the translation as soon as possible
  • Compensate for actual damages (if any) to the customer depending on the level of error, not exceeding 05 times the contract value.
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